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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Peter Grandich: Gold Out Performs the S&P 500


Peter Grandich, legendary Wall Street analyst, outlines his bullish technical case for gold via our video charting feature. 

Grandich says since gold's lows around $1650, it has made constructive moves up. Each time gold corrected, it was always a higher low, which is bullish. Then gold bottomed at 1800, at 1850, and a little under 1950. While gold $2000 is important psychologically, Grandich wouldn't be concerned at all, unless gold comes down to 1940 or 1950, which could send us down to 1900.

He says that since the year 2000, gold has outperformed the S&P500. You would never know that by watching what people say about the S&P vs. what they don't say about gold.

- Peter Grandich likes gold and silver technical positions, both in uptrends.
- Our guest sees positive fundamentals and technicals in the precious metals sector.
- Might silver 2x to $50 in the foreseeable future?
- The crowd has yet to get excited about the prospects of gold and silver.
- Peter outlines his perspective on US equities.
- We review the HUI Gold Bugs, leveraged PMs shares index.

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