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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Peter Schiff: Fed will reverse course in 2023, Companies should hold cash in gold...


Peter Schiff, Head of, shares his optimistic viewpoint on the prospects for gold, silver and related shares.

2.35 - It's advisable for companies to hold cash in gold over depreciating currencies.
3.38 - Expect weakness in the Greenback.
4.00 - 2023 prediction: The US Fed will reverse course on rate hike policy to combat sluggish economic conditions.
6:21 - The inflation theme will persist in the New Year both domestically and in the EU, boosting gold, demand.
8.35 - The bullish gold narrative includes increasing demand, lower supply and monetary factors.
15.35 - Could gold and silver ETFs experience a "run" amid lost confidence in re-hypothecated assets?

About Peter Schiff, SchiffGold


SchiffGold is a full-service, discount precious metals dealer specializing in investment-grade gold and silver bullion. We offer a range of related services, from vault storage partners to physical gold IRAs.

Renowned investor Peter Schiff founded SchiffGold in 2010 to provide a trustworthy source of bullion for his brokerage clients. Peter has always advised long-term investment in physical precious metals as an inflation-proof store of value. Unfortunately, he found far too many gold buyers were getting swindled by big companies pushing numismatics at high markups. SchiffGold is his answer — an honest gold dealer that sells only the most liquid bullion products in the world at the lowest possible prices.

As a matter of policy, SchiffGold will never sell overpriced numismatic or collectible precious metals products. That is Peter Schiff’s Guarantee.

Peter Schiff

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