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GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Peter Schiff -- minimum price target of $10,000 gold

On the heels of better than expected domestic economic-headlines while enjoying the sunny / warm weather in scenic Puerto Rico, head of Euro Pacific and Schiff Gold, Peter Schiff says investors sold the Fed “taper talk” then bought the fact, sending gold, silver and shares higher this week.

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Peter Schiff notes that current bubble in financial assets eclipses even the year 2000 mania. However this time, policymakers have fewer economic tricks in the magic hat to revive the market, as rates are already near historical lows. The discussion includes the “Meme stock” trend where popular stocks like AMC and GameStop (GME) appear ready to launch from a technical perspective, but our guest advises caution due to fundamental warning signs. Peter adds commentary on digital assets in the Bitcoin / Ethereum realm, which continue to soar.

Key takeaway, our guest expects a minimum price target of $10,000 gold, suggestive of $100+ silver due to runaway price increases in the coming years.  Even if the PMs underperform in the near-term, Peter Schiff sees limited risk of significant drawdowns.

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Renowned investor Peter Schiff founded SchiffGold in 2010 to provide a trustworthy source of bullion for his brokerage clients. Peter has always advised long-term investment in physical precious metals as an inflation-proof store of value. Unfortunately, he found far too many gold buyers were getting swindled by big companies pushing numismatics at high markups. SchiffGold is his answer — an honest gold dealer that sells only the most liquid bullion products in the world at the lowest possible prices.

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