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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Peter Schiff: "People Should Be Buying Gold"


Peter Schiff, Head of, makes a compelling case for the precious metals sector, chiefly shares, which could yield several times the return of typical investment classes. 

- Michael Burry's asymmetric $1.6 billion stock market bet - will his latest "Big Short" payoff? 

- Fed will not win the inflation war because the money supply and the deficit is exploding

- The monetary / deficit battle between domestic policymakers and inflation may result in galloping price hikes. 

- Interest on the national debt is the number three line item of biggest expenses behind Medicare and Social Security. Interest on the debt is now bigger than the national defense budget, which has never happened before.

- Peter expects the FOMC to cut rates eventually, increase QE and inflate an even bigger financial bubble.

- Flight into the Greenback could eventually reverse into gold, as investors flee fiat money. 

- Investors are advised to procure gold in anticipation of currency debasement and default. 

- Investment diversification is advisable, beginning with the hallmark of safety, gold investments. 

- "If you really want to get rich off of this, I own mostly mining stocks." He thinks if you can take the risk of owning mining stocks, he thinks it's worth the reward. You could lose, but the upside potential is enormous. The solution is diversifying. 

- Peter is watching the bond market set record yields - "either bonds will rally or stocks will fall."

- Money loses value slowly and then all at once - it is advisable to procure gold in advance. 

- Elon Musk challenged Mark Zuckerberg to a back-yard sparring match. 

- Peter Schiff offer's his gym in Puerto Rico for the duo's matchup. 

- Schiff's Gold Fund:

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