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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Rodney Johnson Is a Gold Fan


Rodney Johnson of, institutional bond-trader, mutual-fund manager says the bond market reflects what is happening in the commodities markets. If you pay attention to bonds, you get a sense of what's going on and that gives you a better nose for what's going to happen. 

Johnson is cautious about where we are headed economically in the months to come. 

- Overview of the bond market / oil market / inflation. 
- The FOMC may not pivot as soon and as abruptly as expected. 
- The attractiveness of bonds as a short-term investment 
- Fed Put may return to recoup financial integrity.
- Johnson is a gold fan; silver has frustrated him for 15 years.
- Weakness in the Greenback could make gold shine brightly.
- Gold ETF GLD is a solid proxy for the gold market.
- Record demand for electricity supply nationwide is driving the push for a boom in nuclear power.
- Uranium is required for the imminent nuclear power bonanza, including modular plants.
- Vogel nuclear plant in GA just added a modern reactor, serving the electricity to 500,000 homes.

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