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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Steven Hochberg: "Gold Is On Its Way To New All-Time Highs"


Steven Hochberg of Elliott Wave International returns with Elliott Wave Financial Forecasts and good news for gold aficionados.

- Gold is trading over $2,015 during the interview, suggesting the 4th attempt to break to new highs is ahead.
- "Once gold moves above $2,100, a sharp rally to over $3,000+ is likely."

Hochberg says:

"In terms of Elliot Waves, [it] could really run. I mean there are very few instances in this world of a triple top. So I think once you get above $2100, you could easily see $500 and another thousand quickly as this market moves to the upside; even more than that actually."

- Gold and silver are at discounts, relative to overpriced paper-assets.
- Elliott Wave analysis suggests big moves higher for the Precious Metals sector!

Hochberg explains:

"I think that what we're seeing is, in terms of Elliott Wave of analysis is what we call an impulse wave, a five-wave pattern, to the upside. And I think this five-wave pattern, this branch of it started in December 2015, at that low. So we've had this 3rd wave of this five-wave pattern peaked out in August 2020. We've had this 4th wave, this high-level consolidation, that's going sideways since then. And now, we're moving back to the upside, in this fifth wave."

- Our guest suggests eliminating debt where possible as the economic contraction intensifies.
- The financial sector is suffering amid an inverted-yield curve, as they, "borrow short and lend long," making operations less profitable.
- Might the economic "soft-landing" morph into a, "Great-Recession 2.0.?"
- A small percentage in Bitcoin and Ether remains a solid portfolio diversification tactic.
- Crude oil investments may remain relative values compared to competing asset classes.

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