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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Yvonne Blaszczyk: Gold's Changing Role Globally is thrilled to welcome back Yvonne Blaszczyk, head of BMG Group, a seasoned board member and experienced executive with an extensive background in corporate management, strategy and governance, finance, human resources, legal compliance, and leading results-oriented change.

- Gold and silver remain top-performing assets in 2024!

 All the developments that are occurring right now are putting a question mark to the traditional way we perceive the role of gold in the market economy. 

Typically as you know gold has been influenced by many things but mostly four things like interest rates, inflation, safe haven demand, central bank buying...and central bank, buying also, I think personally, is related to geopolitical conflicts... and this is the area, this is the big picture that we have to look at because that will have a profound impact not only on the actual gold prices but the supply of gold and also what will happen to western financial systems as we know it.

It's a very slippery road [and] very interesting what is happening right now. I think the last time I spoke about BRICS, and their growing influence. Today, BRICS represents 3.5 billion people all over the world... [It's an] incredible change and [they represent] 28% of global economy would that means there is a huge shift going from west to east in terms of the influence...

- BRICS continues to accumulate new members and PMs.
- Investors are advised to follow the trend of gold accumulation by central banks.
- Silver remains a favorite monetary metal, which may be only beginning to shine.
- Geopolitical risks increase the appeal of safe-haven investing, including gold and silver
- Ms. Yvonne shares her exciting gold price target!

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