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GoldSeek Radio - Prof Burton Malkiel PhD, Mining companies offer enticing dividends and spectacular upside


Author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Princeton University Professor, Burton Malkiel, outlines decades of investing wisdom via his scientific approach, noting:
"Gold deserves a place in the investing portfolio."

Prof. Malkiel discussed his financial concepts with Nobel Prize winner, Harry Markowitz, the founder of modern portfolio investing theory.

  • 5.20 - Market uncertainty / volatility is the best friend of portfolio investors. "The more volatile and scary the market becomes, the better they do."
  • 8.40 - "Young people are advised to dollar-cost-average chiefly into equities, diversifying into global markets."
  • 11.10 - A safe rule-of-thumb for stock / bond balancing; is tie their age to the bond percentage. For example, a 40 year old holds 40% in bonds and the rest in stocks and precious metals, etc.
  • 12.14 - Fed officials may find it more challenging than expected to curtail the inflation specter.
  • 13.50 - Dr. Malkiel suggests holding the shares of mining companies, which offer enticing dividends as well as spectacular upside potential.
  • 14.18 - "Gold deserves a place in the investing portfolio."

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