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Goldsource Adds Third Drill at Eagle Mountain, Expands No.1 Hill Zone

Goldsource Mines announced the deployment of a third core drill at the Eagle Mountain Gold Project in Guyana, South America. Expansion drill results for the No. 1 Hill zone with adjacent Baboon zone and infill drill results for the Eagle Mountain deposit, Kilroy zone, represent 26 core holes for 2,630m.

These new results will be included in the ongoing updated resource estimation. Over 13,000m of core drilling has been completed to date in 2020, despite the suspension of activities for two months as a result of Covid-19 pandemic related precautions.

Highlights of Goldsource Ongoing Exploration:

  • Expansion drilling defines a new surface area of approximately 450 by 450 meters directly west of the Eagle Mountain deposit resource estimation.
  • Expansion drill results of 11 core holes for 1,814m are reported below.
  • Historic drilling consists of 14 holes for 1,697m are reported below.

Main Eagle Mountain Deposit (Kilroy zone):

  • Infill drill results of 13 core holes for 724m are reported below.
  • Infill results at Kilroy zone provide confirmation of historical results and geological model.
  • Hole positioning has been designed in order to re-categorize inferred to indicated resources.

Highlights from the Eagle Mountain Deposit (No.1 Hill & Baboon Expansion zone intercepts):

  • 4.5m @ 25.32 g/t Au (Near-Surface)
  • 28.5m @ 0.98 g/t Au
  • 37.0m @ 1.11 g/t Au. (Infill)
  • 4.5m @ 1.18 g/t Au
  • 1.5m @ 4.82 g/t Au
  • 18m @ 1.31 g/t Au
  • 1.5m @ 2.46 g/t Au
  • 6m @ 3.36 g/t Au

Highlights from the Eagle Mountain Deposit (Kilroy zone) In-fill Intercepts:

  • 21m @ 1 g/t Au
  • 19.5m @ 1.26 g/t Au
  • 24m @ 1.03 g/t Au
  • 37m @ 1.11 g/t Au
  • 40m @ 0.97 g/t Au
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