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How the Dollar Reacts this Week Should Determine What Gold Does

So as we come over to the gold market, we're getting a little bit of a correction. We've started off with the three percent break. So let's go back here. If we could this is how the market finished last week and now you're getting your first little break of the week. Don't know if it'll last or not, but starting down 2.96% on the daily chart, you can see how much gold fell. So, the gold market today really got hit hard; higher high, lower low, it broke the uptrend.

This is how the pattern was looking at higher lows, higher highs coming in today – I thought that the market didn't react, right? I wrote that, and I told people I said, 'I can't imagine more premium doesn't come out without of these markets.' and I was looking, would you take out that low? When you did that broke the uptrend in your sort of in the middle of nowhere right now, where do you think this market stopped on the break? Take a look at the 18-day average of closes, you know that I call that the line in the sand, from this point is often where markets gets to decide what they want to do next.

When we take a look at the Bollinger Band, well, you stopped running it. Once you go to the sidelines, you have to be leery. The market going to go up and take out these highs or revert and make a run to that number often it comes with a clue ahead of time from losing the bullish embedded reading.

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