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Idaho Strategic Resources (IDR): Gold Production + The Largest Rare Earth Element Land Package in US

Investing in junior Gold Stocks can be one of the most difficult sectors to be successful in since the odds are not favorable. Success requires being selective in your investment choices by seeking the right combination of elements needed to improve your odds as exploration and mining are very difficult businesses.

The top element needed is management, no questions asked. Find capable managers of building an investment vehicle properly, along with being aligned with shareholder interests, and your odds of success will dramatically increase! Right after this are elements such as share structure, assets, geopolitical risks, etc.

It is of no coincidence that my largest investment is in a company which has the best share structure (12.3M shares outstanding) that I am aware of in the Junior mining sector and run by management who bought all their share positions in the market (aligned with shareholders), have a history of success, who live and love their home state of Idaho, which is among the best mining jurisdictions in the world.

Moving into their assets, producing gold and cashflow since 2016, Idaho Strategic has focused on maximizing shareholder value by minimizing shareholder dilution. Located in Northern Idaho, the Golden Chest Mine is a vertically integrated operation. The junior miner not only mines and mills their gold ore, they explore using their own drilling equipment -- another example of how they are able to keep costs down.

Exploration work is funded their golden cashflow which is focused on both gold and a portfolio of the top nationally recognized rare earth element projects and the largest known concentration of thorium resources in the U.S.A.

I have spent nearly three decades investing in primarily junior Gold and Silver stocks and over the prior decade have made NYSE-listed $IDR my top position as I believe the company is uniquely positioned to benefit from both the gold boom and strategic demand for domestic critical metals.

In this interview, Ian Cassel of MicroCapClub speaks with the CEO of Idaho Strategic Resources about their Idaho gold operations and their large Rare Earth Elements projects in the United States providing interesting insights into the domestic rare earth situation:


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