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Metals: We Get 4 Important Economic Reports

So when you and I take a look at gold, let's just go there to start with. The market is back up to the old highs on a closing basis.

This has already got the next day's existing prices in it right now. You can see how it's coming live. The last rally high was $2448.80. So you're sitting here right now in the neighborhood of...about $58 lower than that.

When you take a look at what the chart action is, it's still bullish: Higher lows, higher highs. You're over and staying over so far this 18-day average. You can see once the market flipped on it, you got bullish again. Once it got under it, you were in the bear camp until the market took out this specific high, and then it crawled back over that number. The resistance is right here.

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