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Take a Look Around. Signs of a Dying Empire. Will The Villagers Resist or Just Shoot Each Other?

We have kept our thesis the same for over three years. Throughout history (or at least since 450 BC Peloponnesian Wars, Athens vs. Sparta), Emperors, Kings, Presidents, and their Military might have rigged the economy via the following playbook.

  • Expand the empire for raw materials (natural resources)
  • Enslaved the losers to build the castle walls, aqueducts, roads, farms, and mine for gold and silver.
  • The treasures go to the King / Emperor, and the King/ Emperor kicks back some to the soldiers and bureaucracy (like tax collectors, lawmakers, etc.
  • As the empire expands, the list of enemies increases.
  • Then a new empire emerges under the guise of "reform" but quickly settles into a Ruling class vs Working Class system. The wealth divide is always around 95% to rulers and the workers fighting over the last 5%.
  • Specific merchants, industrialists, and corporatists are always invited to the table. As long as they feed the beast (campaign donations), they get a favorable return on investment.

We've seen transitions in recent history.

Since 1450 there have been six major world reserve currency periods. Portugal (1450–1530), Spain (1530–1640), Netherlands (1640–1720), France (1720–1815), Great Britain (1815–1920), and the United States from 1921 to today. It should be called the banker harvest cycle.

Now the US has overstayed its welcome as resentment is growing among Africa, Arab World, China, Russia, India, and Latin America. The resentment by BRICS is because US Presidents, their foreign policy, plus their Military have roamed the World installing puppet military dictators in various colonies, mainly in the middle east, Latin America, and Africa. 

Foreign trade has been rigged to favor US corporations who lobby the Federal government's foreign policy. The US is a fascist state that has gone rogue. The classic definition of fascism is when government interests align with corporate interests, and this has been the US gameplan since the world wars and even before. 

On August 22, 2023, in South Africa, the BRICS countries are announcing their gold back dollar to dethrone the US dollar. This maneuver signals the end of the US dollar as the Global reserve currency, which has given the US the exorbitant privilege of printing money for decades. Remember, the USA's most significant export is not:

  • coffee
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • coal
  • soybeans
  • steel
  • cars
  • rubber
  • nickel
  • zinc
  • tin

The US largest export is the US Federal note (paper dollar), and meanwhile, the US receives:

  • Hondas
  • Toyotas
  • Hyundais
  • Nikes
  • Samsungs
  • Appliances
  • Toys and trinkets
  • and most of the stuff you see on Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Overall equaling thousands of other valuable things in exchange for a piece of paper IOU.

Here is what signaled the END OF THE US DOLLAR, and this is why Putin, Jinping, and Modi (along with Africa, Latin America, and the Arab World) have decided to move forward with their gold-backed currency for two chief reasons:

  1. To topple the US.
  2. To attract more members of BRICS (safety in numbers, and their numbers are now 75% of the World's population)

The US, since 1971, has only had two things giving The US dollar legitimacy: the dollar was pegged to oil transactions. Secondly, the US military goes worldwide with its gigantic baseball bat smashing anyone who doesn't "play ball."

In a matter of weeks, Saudi Arabia has:

1. Restored relations with Iran.

2. Restored relations with Syria and welcomed it back to Arab League.

3. Supported multiple OPEC+ oil production cuts against American wishes.

4. Announced an end to the war in Yemen.

5. Agreed to sell oil in other currencies.

6. Decided to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

These are the countries that have applied to join the BRICS alliance.



Unrest in the West.

Last Week we posted all the details surrounding #FranceisFalling. Based on our thesis that bullies fall UK will fall after France then USA will fall after.

Moreover, here is what will happen. The US media and many so-called conservatives will blame the rise in crime in US and Europe on immigrants. This is an old trick too to blame the poor when the real problem is that Central Bankers have been infecting the population with worthless paper notes and people are desperate fighting for crumbs because the inflation tax (taxation without any legislation) has debased the currency and people have lost homes, jobs and are living in tent cities across the land.

Ground Zero - San Francisco

San Francisco has lost everything in a matter of months. No one is booking conventions when it used to be a top 5 destination in the USA for convention business. How do you go from top 5 to last place in a few months?

This isn't an accident, people. This is called Central Planning and is designed to kill people to return to a two-tier system like Feudalism. Rulers vs. The Villagers.

These Western cities are unstable and property values will crash soon.

  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Boise
  • Denver
  • Seattle
  • Austin
  • Portland
  • and dozens of others.

We will see a lot of these citizens fleeing for safety in more affordable areas like Akron, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Kansas City and dozens of others.

Our family ran to escape Denver's insane speculative housing bubble. A starting home was over $750,000. In Boulder Colorado, the average home is over $1 Million.

We found a three-story brick home (with all new windows, appliances, and finish work ) for around $200,000 with better schools, infrastructure, job opportunities, and overall quality of life (museums, sports, theaters, music venues, hiking, biking, rowing, etc.)

Whenever in history there are transitions from superpower to superpower, this time is marked with a spike in crime, civil unrest, and severe violence. Take a look around. Are you seeing this, or is my thesis wrong?

So, in conclusion. I wanted to put some meaning behind what we are seeing. Next, we will report on "the resistance" so we are not just lambs lining up for the slaughter.

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