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Weird World Getting Weirder by the Day

The world keeps getting weirder, and the weird keeps becoming the new norm faster than a UFO can streak across the night sky. From gay gonads of exposed groomers publicly parading their stuff in front of little kids, much to the pride of beaming Seattle … to Mommy Musk claiming she has put her fist down on the Battle of the Billionaires and asking society to quit encouraging their bad behavior …. to old men pumping iron to prove they are presidential … to congress now stepping in with major legislative action to stop funding of UFO reverse engineering … it’s all in a day’s headlines!

First, the sad news: The Martian Millionaire gone Billionaire approaching Trillionaire Elon Musk has been told by Mommy Musk to stand down from his fierce fight with Metahead Zuckerberg. But will the future colonizer of Mars and clutterer of night skies back down from the billionaire bash as his mommy has required? I probably would have bought a ticket, myself, just for the fun of watching two ego-inflated billionaires knock each other’s blocks off. If only they would throw presidential light-weight contender RFK Jr. into the cage with them and make it a real fight! A three-way match. Then we’d have a walrus, the featureless face of Facebook Metaman and the iron-pumping, ribbed body of a second-gen Ken all at once to gape at … because gaping is about all American politics is anymore, according to one article below, with which I fully agree.

It’s all politics on parade these days, Folks — just reality shows for the Roman arena. Where are the Washingtons, Lincolns, and maybe even Kennedys of yesteryear? Are today’s fossils really the best each party can scavenge up in America today? (Well, I have to admit, I’m more likely to throw a vote to RFK Jr. than to Dead-Man Walking or the Orange King of Realty TV.) And then we have Mamala Kamala, rated today as the number-one worst VP in US history, according to an NBC poll, and you would think those guys would be her friends! After all, she will probably be co-hosting “The Fabulous Five” or some other show of astounding political commentary in a couple of years. So, if the Walking Dead doesn’t live to see his next election, we get the worst VP in history as prez — a woman whose speeches all sound like a continuous loop of one thought replayed ten different ways. Tell me this cranial vacuum container didn’t sleep her way to the top because she sure didn’t think her way there! That or she’s a better attorney on paper than in person.

Now that we have gotten the ridiculous out of the way, let’s move on to the sublime: From vibrantly glowing lenticular clouds that some have believed were cloaked UFOs to little jelly beans scurrying alongside US fighter jets, UFOs have lit up everyone’s curiosity since Sputnik first beeped its tiny trek around the world as a solitary satellite that never saw the Musky hordes of the present cluttered cosmos coming. However, this is the first year when I have seen congress more lit up about UFOs than the UFOs, themselves, are lit up.

If you had asked me two years ago … or just a month ago … or just yesterday if congress would be passing a bill to ban the reverse engineering of UFOs, as if it is a fact, and to press those involved to tell all they know while granting amnesty if they come clean quickly, I would have laughed. But today it is just normal news, right after yesterday’s news about the cat children, which followed the weekend coup on the Kremlin Kapital. (And this is why you need The Daily Doom to keep up with these fabulous foibles that are now just daily news!)

Congress is truly up-in-arms about clandestine operations they believe are harvesting alien technology. To force it into the open, they are banning all funding for such projects. Unknown and black box as that funding is, congress either presumes it is there or the know it is. In which case, why did they fund it without comment in the first place? They are now making it a federal crime to withhold information about such programs that congress, itself, must have once funded. (But that is how black-box military funding works. Congress throws money at the military, and they do whatever they want with it.) Now this is getting more interesting than a ringside seat at the Billionaire Box-office Box-off.

And, while you probably do not want to see gonads on parade — and I’ll warn you the video shows them front and center — I present it purely for the reason of documenting how truly depraved Seattle is as men and those who used to be men and those recently made men and male wannabes all flash their treasure vaults — or dangling participles — in the faces of children in streets lined with applauding parents who have brought the offspring of their own participles and treasure vaults to enjoy the gay festivities. I trust those who believe they are cats are attending in appropriate carriers so they don’t bolt into the parade. (Don’t let your children get ahold of this edition. As adults, I assume you can handle it, but don’t necessarily recommend that you do!)

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