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Who stands behind the gold price suppression? Feat Andrew Schectman

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire joins forces with the president and founder of Miles Franklin precious metals investments, Andrew Schectman, to expose big-money players secretly accumulating gold and silver.

In anticipation of the global systemic shift, the two precious metals experts observe the Western dollar hegemony being challenged by the growing coalition of countries aspiring to establish a new world reserve currency.


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00:00 Start

01:15  Who is Andy Schectman

02:00  Andy Schectman’s perspective on the wholesale markets

08:30  Mind-blowing premiums are a reflection of supply and demand

12:50  “The Art of War” teachings - Record premiums, world exchanges bled dry.

17:40  Physical market becoming more liquid -  paper market becoming illiquid

23:40  Will the Fed intervene in the currency market?

28:50  Gold rehypothecation. Gold price suppression as a tool of misdirection

36:00 New world reserve currency, pegged to commodities?

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