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Sunday Edition: May 19, 2024

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Alasdair Macleod: India's Influence on Gold and Silver

Macleod notes India's growing economy and industrial demand are driving silver prices up, potentially challenging historic highs as gold remains strong and currencies weaken.

80-Year-Old Vet Scammed out of $1.5 Million in Gold Bars

The scammers allegedly conned the man into transferring a total of around $1.5 million of his retirement money in gold bars.

Several States Take Steps to Block a Central Bank Digital Currency

Governments sell the idea of CBDC by promising a safe, convenient, and more secure option to physical cash, and eliminating it gives them the potential to track consumer spending.

Another Gold All-Time High is Nigh

Is Gold’s near-term correction completed? Given the yellow metal’s upside price action since then, we can now answer in the affirmative (yes).

The Congressional Jerry Springer Show

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Marjorie Taylor Greene got into a catfight over nothing having anything to do with the subject of the meeting (House Oversight Committee hearing).

An Inflation Conversation

As I continuously say, inflation is never “good.” Even a low inflation rate will slowly but surely devalue your savings and raise the price of essential goods and services.

Friday Edition: May 17, 2024

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Hoye: Rising Gold Prices Hint At Economic Downturn

Hoye notes that current trends, such as rising real gold prices, a strong US dollar, and increasing interest rates, indicate we are heading towards another Great Contraction.

Gold Miners’ Q1 2024 Fundamentals: Upleg Gains Still Coming

Despite fantastic fundamentals, major gold stocks remain seriously undervalued relative to their metal. Traders initially ignored gold’s remarkable breakout surge, but they are starting to pay attention, rekindling gold-stock outperformance.

Gold Stocks: The Juniors Are Red Hot

We’re in the “buy for blastoff” zone now for a lot of the junior miners.

Gold's Long-Term Price Structure Is Pointing Towards $20,000. 10X Like The 70's

We advise holding onto your investments with confidence and not selling. Additionally, consider acquiring physical Gold and Silver, as well as carefully selected mining equities.

Why Gold Is Flowing From West To East

In the West, central bank decisions and economic data remain at the forefront of buyers’ minds. Central banks, institutions, and consumers are focused on gold accumulation in the East.

Could We See $27,000 Gold?

Jim Rickards points out that you can’t have a price that’s too high. If so, investors would sell gold for dollars and spend freely. If the price is too low, people will hoard gold.

Markets’ Futile Hopes for a Rise in Unemployment to Lift Stock Values Just Got a Little Downdraft

Fed heads chirped in saying they're in no hurry to raise rates. Stock and bond markets are insane in their fantasy that the Fed will quickly lower rates in a helicopter rescue operation.

Metals: Conference Board Numbers

Gold is still in an uptrend with supports all the way back around $2343.10. It's up about a third of a percent, up for about $7 for the week.

Thursday Edition: May 16, 2024

April CPI: Worst Good News Ever

If the Fed is willing to consider rate cuts with sticky inflation, what will the central bankers do when the economy breaks? Rate cuts are a pivot back to inflationary policies. The eulogy for inflation is premature.

You Might Be Surprised by How Many Know of the War Against Gold

Sutton's book, "The War On Gold" is a reminder of his comment: "Governments know the value of gold but try to dissuade private ownership. That tells you something."

Understanding Roosevelt's 1933 Gold Confiscation

Maharrey delves into the topic of Franklin D. Roosevelt's gold confiscation during the Great Depression, framed within a broader discussion of government power and individual compliance.

Gold Will Rise Despite its Miners, but Who Will Be Allowed to Profit?

The U.S. and its allies have suppressed the gold prices. Gold derivatives are to a great extent just naked short positions against the metal; there is very little real metal backing what is called "paper gold."

How Powell Destroyed His Inflation War as He Eats the Poor

The caviar view I’ve presented: Inflation is not hitting the price of caviar as much as it is hitting the price of coffee and cocoa. So, it’s not hitting the rich as much as the rest.

Metals: We Get 4 Important Economic Reports

The market is back up to the old highs on a closing basis. The last rally high was $2448.80. So you're sitting here right now in the neighborhood of about $58 lower than that. 

Wednesday Edition: May 15, 2024

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Harry S. Dent Jr: Gold's Strength and Rising Demand

Dent Jr. notes gold tends to perform well during crises, and with India poised to become the next major gold consumer, its demand is expected to rise significantly.

Industrial and Tech Demand For Gold Surged in Q1

At the aggregate level, all four major electronics fabrication hubs around the world recorded a year-on-year increase in gold demand during the first quarter.

Americans Aren't Convinced the Fed Is Winning the Inflation Fight

Three years from now, Americans expect price inflation to still be running hot at 2.8 percent - still well above the Fed's mythical 2% target.

Ask the Men on Our Money How Powell Is Doing?

Credit reports certainly don’t show what Powell is seeing as he looks on the bright side by staring into the sun, even though the data comes directly from the Fed.

Gold: Boring But Bullish!

Gold’s price action is quite boring even though a bull flag may be in play. Investors should be prepared to back up their golden trucks at $2150-$2080.

Proven Wrong, Academics Harvey & Erb Take a 3rd Stab at Gold

Twice wrong for the plucky professors. Yet somehow, the media have decided that they are worthy of feeding more assumptions to the public to digest.

PPI Showed Inflation. Will CPI do the same?

The gold market is bullish at this point. Unless the market decides to come back and take out the $2337.60 level, it's staying over what I call the line in the sand.


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