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Wednesday Edition: February 8, 2023

GoldSeek Radio -- John Rubino: The global economy has entered a slow motion, "death-spiral"

"Inflating-away the currency". Investors can survive the chaos by preparing now. Only 2% of investment funds is required to send silver to $200 and gold to $5,000 per ounce.

Key to the Next Move in Gold is Trajectory of US Dollar

The US Dollar is going to lead where gold moves next...

Asian Metals Market Update: "significant declines in inflation"

This implies that all the debate on interest rate hike and interest rate cuts are useless. Be short term oriented.

Tuesday Edition: February 7, 2023

A Triple Whammy For Gold: What Now?

Investors don’t need to exercise caution because gold is both the ultimate currency and ultimate asset; all price sales are gifts and over time all fiat has an interesting history of… going to zero.

Monetary Metals Gold Outlook 2023 Brief

Monetary Metals gives a preview into its Seventh Annual Gold Outlook report, including a review of last year’s call, and the key price drivers for gold and silver in 2023.

(Sales) Taxation Is Theft

Some people support sales taxes because sales taxes discourage consumption and encourage savings and investment. While savings and investment are crucial to a free market..

The Fed Is All that Matters … Until it Doesn’t and Everyone Just Ignores it

Stock investors don’t believe Powell because the Fed lost most of its credibility in recent years by promising it could do quantitative tightening on autopilot..

Sentiment Speaks: The Most Important Thing To Know About The Market Right Now

So, in the coming week, we can keep this really simple. 4105SPX is our support, which if held, points us to 4216-4250SPX. However...

Dollar Reaction to FED Chair Powell Interview Today is Key

The big event is the live interview with Fed Chair Powell today around 11:30am central time. Treat this like a second FOMC decision meeting.

Monday Edition: February 6, 2023

Technical Scoop: Risk on, rate rise, liquidity drop, job surprise, vulnerable housing, confidence slip, gold scare, energy bottom

Are happy days here again? Since the beginning of the year markets have been on a bit of a tear. Now we are seeing all sorts of...

Legislators Seek Repeal of Wisconsin’s Controversial Sales Tax on Gold and Silver

A large bipartisan contingent of Wisconsin legislators seek to end Wisconsin’s controversial practice of levying sales tax on purchases of gold and silver.

Gold SWOT: The Dollar and Treasury Yields Extended Declines Last Week, Pushing Gold Higher

Turkey was the biggest buyer of gold among central banks last year, with households also rushing to buy the commodity to shield from geopolitical uncertainty and rampant inflation.

Stocks Go Gaga; Gold's (Foreseen) Falling Saga

Gold today at 1878 (and its array of conventional studies turning negative), price is now just 22 points above the 1856 level which if eclipsed in the ensuing week flips..

Consumer Stimulus The Easy Way

Treat the stock market as you would a sleazy carnival game and you hold the key to accurately predicting its behavior.

Dollar Reversal to Strength Hurts Metals

You do not get these kind of 100 dollar breaks in gold, now we look at huge support for gold at 18 and 100 week moving averages..

Sunday Edition: February 5, 2023

GoldSeek Radio -- Craig Hemke: Summer of 2023 could be great for gold and silver, In 2010 silver tripled..

Low physical metals supply at key exchanges. Central banks across the globe are converting reserves into gold and silver. The 2023 economic conditions mirrors 2010 and 2019.

Federal Reserve Postures in Attempt to Create Perception of Control

Wyoming Senate Embraces Plans for State Gold Reserves, Payment System

Gold Secular Bull Depends on This

If the stock market reverses lower before spring and economic data falters, precious metals will quickly sniff out the approaching rate cuts.

It Was a “Wow! Wow!” Bow-Wow Dog of a Doozy Week for Jobs!

It seems all we ever read is excuses to cover for whatever the raw numbers show, instead of investigation of the lies and errors in all the adjustments, which are increasingly obvious..

US Jobs Report: Key Catalyst For Gold

Technical stock chart updates on $CVX, $GDX, $GDXJ, $, $JNUG, $NUGT and more.

A Muddle-Through Market, for Now

I think the Fed will raise rates another 1‒2 times by 25 bps, taking the fed funds rate to my original target last year of 5%+. These hikes are beginning..

Friday Edition: February 3, 2023

Fed Gold Anomaly Unwinding

The bottom line is 2022’s Fed gold anomaly is unwinding.  Gold didn’t soar last year as inflation raged out of control in its first inflation super-spike since the 1970s thanks to..

GoldSeek Radio -- Axel Merk: Seeing significant new interest in the precious metals sector

With $1 billion under management, Merk investments is reporting significant new interest in the precious metals sector. The US Fed has reached "Peak-Hawkishness" as..


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