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Friday Edition: June 2, 2023

Gold’s Fedspeak Pullback

The bottom line is gold’s hawkish-Fedspeak-driven May pullback has likely mostly run its course.  Top Fed officials have been talking tough on future rate hikes, but now they have to..

Global Debt Crisis: Pretend and Extend?

Rising interest rates are pushing over-indebted countries to their limits.

Winston Churchill's Gold Standard Folly

Churchill's plan to restore gold's place in the monetary system was not the problem.

The Jobs Report Will Determine Today's Activity

A super dove at the Fed speaks yesterday but ADP was super strong. The jobs report out this morning will be a market mover. How strong of a number will it be? Gold had a bounce..

Thursday Edition: June 1, 2023

Gold Bull Trap Rally

We are in a B-wave bounce in Gold. I do not believe we will run to a new high on this run, it is a trap. Usually these rallies last 5 to 8 days...

A Storm is Gathering, the Likes of which we Have Never Seen!

We are probably getting to that point where unemployment will turn upward, but there will be a lot of damage set in place by the Fed to play out in the months thereafter.

Gold SWOT: Fortuna Silver reports the successful first gold pour at its Seguela Mine

Goldman Sachs expects a continued focus on mergers and acquisitions due to the supportive gold price environment and strong balance sheet positions.

Today's Private Jobs Numbers & Debt Ceiling Vote Will Impact Markets

Today is a big day with some key reports: ADP and layoff data. Friday's jobs report and debt-ceiling vote. Gold's resistance is at $1,988.20 zone ...

Wednesday Edition: May 31, 2023

The Debt Schlemieling

Instead, the U.S. Congress can now simply borrow and spend until January 1, 2025...with no restrictions! And why do these hypocrites do this?

Are Bears Just Taking A Break?

But, when we break that 4104SPX support, that will open the door to the bigger pullback I am expecting as we look out a number of months from today.

Debt Ceiling Deal Keeps Dollar Locked in Devaluation Spiral

Federal obligations will be "paid" with ever more rapidly devaluing dollars. The nation is on a one-way road to ongoing currency debasement.

Beige Book Comes Out at 1:00 CT; We Should See a Reaction

Copper finding demand problems and price pressures from China. Gold under pressure too. JOLTS report out today. Next datasets will help to guide the Fed's next rate move.

Tuesday Edition: May 30, 2023

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Martin Armstrong: Global conflict is always, inflationary

Greenback hegemony tied to victories in WWI & WWII. Will the Greenback survive the decade? Stagflation? Keynesianism to the extreme may break the global economy.

Gold & Silver: Is It Time To Buy?

The gold market reaction continues, and the daily closing price chart does a good job of highlighting key buy zones for investors.

How Will A Central Bank Digital Currency Work?

What are the preconditions necessary for a FedCoin and why are they coming to the fore now? What will happen to banks and could the Fed be the lender of first and only resort?

Prismo Metals To Host Investors Update Call on June 1st, 2023

“We are entering an exciting phase of our Company’s development with the 2023 fully funded drilling program of our three projects having started...”

Gold Creating the Fuel for a Monster Rally

We are in the declining phase of an intermediate decline. I think our bottom in gold will be in the 1,850-1,900 area..

Core PCE Inflation Still Running Hot Which Supports the Dollar

Debt-limit games continue and the deal could still fall apart. Gold continues to trade well above the 18 month average ($1,837.20).

Asian Metals Market Update: Big Three Weeks Ahead

Big three weeks ahead with US jobs, US inflation numbers and Federal Reserve meeting and other central bank meetings.

Monday Edition: May 29, 2023

Prismo Metals Begins Trenching at Los Pavitos Drilling Preparation Underway

The main objective of the trenching program is to better define the orientation and full width of the mineralized structures prior to starting the drill campaign.

Technical Scoop: Dominating ceiling, recession indicators, inflated gold, narrow rally, awful commodities, precious N

Recession or no recession? Apparently Germany has fallen into a recession. Could we be far behind? The indicators keep saying yes we will.

Now MSFT Leads Stampede

Microsoft's bullish rampage last week added to already strong evidence that the stock market is headed to new records highs.


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