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Friday Edition: January 21, 2022

GoldSeek Radio with Peter Schiff: $10,000 Gold & Explosive Small Cap Mining Stocks

As Fed officials talk of higher real-rates, Peter suggests that the "inflation genie" won't be contained, circa Volker's 1980's policies. Peter expects crude oil to continue its ascent, perhaps above the last bull market peak of $147 in 2008.

Gold Stocks Surge Back

Gold-stock prices have fallen well behind gold’s despite one of this metal’s most-bullish setups ever.  Gold prices have yet to respond to the raging inflation unleashed by the Fed’s epic money printing..

Bubble Update Intermediate Correction Entering the Blood Bath Phase

Intermediate decline in progress. I would even suggest that we are in the bloodbath phase, this is when you see selling panic hit from the traders. Perma-bears will come out and start making incorrect calls.

Gold; A Stellar Picture

Risk is with commodities (and stocks) and reward – with patience – is with gold and when they leverage a future macro, gold stocks.

Gold Update Video: Overbought short-term

I think we need to talk about gold $1,900 right now, not at all about $2,500 here. Gold is right at resistance (Bollinger Bands). Gold reacting to the Ukraine situation as well..

Thursday Edition: January 20, 2022

Stocks and Awe: The Federal Reserve Regime Change is Here!

The Everything Bubble is bursting, and the Fed has barely even begun its war on inflation. Many top stocks are already in their own bear markets.

Gold Update: A Catastrophic Break of the Manipulation Is About to Happen

I am pretty confident that we are about to break the manipulation. Virtually every commodity has been going nuts to the upside up since March of last year, what possible reason has gold been stuck..

Doug Casey - We Are Facing An Economic Disaster

We Are Facing An Economic Disaster. Doug Casey explains his latest views on the politicians, the central banks, gold and silver.

Delightful speculation on the new gold price needed to back the U.S. dollar

Your secretary/treasurer believes that it is hard enough these days to discern what government is doing and so it is impossible to know what government will do, beyond its general objective of cheating people.

Gold Update Video: Inflation story and softer dollar favoring higher prices

Eventually the market does not care about the upper Bollinger Band and can do an up thrust. But at a key resistance, market is overbought

Asian Metals Market Update: Ukraine, energy and Chinese closing next week

Trader sentiment for crude oil and energies overall is very bullish with almost everyone targeting $120+ (Nymex) in third quarter. China is closed unofficially from 27th January to 4th February.

Wednesday Edition: January 19, 2022

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Hoye: multi-year bull market culminating in explosive gains

He expects the sector to evolve into a multi-year bull market culminating in explosive gains. Several mining companies could approach / crypto gains, climbing several fold.

Will 2022 Be “The Year of Sound Money” in the States?

With the Consumer Price Index running at its highest rate in 40 years, inflation is becoming the most pressing economic issue of our time. While federal policymakers are exacerbating the problem, some states..

Gold Update Video: Markets starting to look at the Ukraine

Silver exploded to the upside. Lots of short covering. Inflation talk is still high. Markets also slowly reacting to the situation in the Ukraine and that it may not end well..

Tuesday Edition: January 18, 2022

Stk Mkt Icarus & Glory For Gold

Gullible stock, bond, and real estate investors are living a fantasy that fresh QE welfare is going to be coming from their central bank sugar daddy.  They need to wake up and smell the stagflationary coffee.  

COMEX Gold Trade at Settlement

Frankly, it's too early to conclude whether or not we have discovered a new price manipulation technique. Let's watch closely the rest of this month as the Feb22 contract goes off and the action shifts to the Apr22.

Fortitude Gold Delivers Record Annual Gold Production Beating Increased 2021 Outlook

The Company’s 2022 annual production outlook range mirrors 2021 and is set at 36,000 to 40,000 gold ounces.

The Dollar’s Decline May Be About to Accelerate

Dollar bears will be looking for confirmation of a breakdown in this week’s trading with any additional move lower. It could just be the catalyst gold and silver markets need to break out to the upside.

Sentiment Speaks: Are We Setting Up For A 'Mini-Crash'?

So, in the bigger picture, I think the market has a cap in the 4882-4960SPX region. And, I still think we should see a pullback down to the 4300-4485SPX region before we begin the next major rally..

Gold SWOT: UBS Sees Platinum Prices Rising to $1,150 per Ounce by Year-End

UBS sees platinum prices rising to $1,150 per ounce by the end of the year as the global chip shortage leads to a significant restocking of cars...

The Good News About Rising Rates

The chart suggests that interest rates on 30-year T-bonds could be on their way up to 3.02%, a more than 40% increase over the current 2.11%

Monday Edition: January 17, 2022

Technical Scoop: Tippy inflation, falling sentiment, high ownership, oversold technology, golden rise, energetic increase

Retail sales fell short and consumer sentiment is falling. But households hold the highest percentage of stocks ever. Previous periods of high equity ownership resulted in sharp stock market declines.

Dollar Update: Crash Coming

The US Dollar market is doing the opposite of what logic dictates. The problem is of course is that the Dollar has been pricing this in for several months.


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