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Tuesday Edition: October 3, 2023

Is the Time Right for M&A in the Mining Sector? Silvercorp Metals’ Acquisition of OreCorp Adds Timely Growth With a Promising Project

The stock acquisition deal enhances Silvercorp’s asset base by adding a low-risk, low-cost gold project, while preserving cash for mine development.

Fortitude Gold Drills New Isabella Pearl Trend Mineralization With 13.72 Meters Grading 1.28 g/t Gold and 50.29 Meters Grading 0.86 g/t Gold at Scarlet Target

“We are excited to see nice intervals of oxide gold mineralization at and near the surface in this latest drill program on the north end of the Scarlet target,” says VP Turner.

The Western Love Trade: Gold Stocks

Gold has arrived at the outskirts of the massive $1820-$1790 buy zone. In addition to gold bullion, silver bullion and mining stocks can be bought there as well.

Metals Markets May be Frustrating but the Alternatives Are Worse

Metals are back in the range where they have languished for more than three years. Conventional assets look overvalued, while gold and silver look relatively cheap.

A Small Continuing Resolution Victory Could Have Big Consequences

Hopefully stripping Ukraine war funding from the spending bill is the first of many victories over the military-industrial complex and its politicians, lobbyists, and propagandists.

GoldSeek Is Hiring a Writer, Researcher, and Analyst

We are looking for another outstanding person to join our global team to help us analyze, report, and consistently publish about our portfolio of resource companies.

Gold SWOT: ETFs Backed by Gold Are Now on Track for the Biggest Weekly Outflow Since June

Gold has been holding up relatively well in the face of rising bond yields and dollar strength, but that may not last if Chinese investors slow purchases of the metal.

The Fed Is Tied up in its Own Gordian Knot

What do you do when raising interest to fight inflation makes inflation rise much faster, but not raising rates allows inflation to keep rising? We are seeing that now in housing.

Motion to Vacate Speaker McCarthy In Place

In a weekly chart of closes, gold is down $100 an ounce in very fast order. Very important though, is when a market is under this 18-week moving average of closes, you should have a downside bias.

Monday Edition: October 2, 2023

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - David Haggith: Price of Oil to Push Higher Inflation

Haggith calls the stock market "delirious." He says, "At least with gold, at some point you're going to get your money back when it goes back up again." Not necessarily so with stocks and bonds.

Fraying Markets, Strong Energy, Dollar Domination, Precious Optimism

Eventually gold could make new all-time highs in all currencies as troubles continue everywhere and signs of a growing global recession grow.

Gold Update on the Bloodbath Phase

In gold, we are on day four of a five-to-seven-day bloodbath phase. This produces a huge multi-week rally that I am convinced will give us the break out above 2090.

Gold Continues 3-Year Decline

The gold price will eventually reflect the latest effects of inflation in a higher inflation-adjusted price. We just don’t know when. Nor does anyone else.

October Surprise Drumbeat Quickens

Could this mean that a long-anticipated war in the Middle East is about to break about? Regardless, if the price of oil is in fact bound for $117, something world-shaking is about to occur.

Gold Guillotine!

Understandably, you now may well ask “So how low is low?”  There we shan’t go, save for some structural support from this 1865 level down to 1813 built in early March.

Sunday Edition: October 1, 2023

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Harry Dent: Economy Will Fall Apart

Dent says, "You can't just print money forever and think you're going to end up in la-la land...This economy is going to fall apart faster than people think."

Reservations About Bank Reserves

Even as inflation keeps driving up bond yields, they keep falling. It is as if the vault door has no lock and the money keeps walking away.

Bullish Pivot or Destruction Ahead

Using three vantage points, the US dollar, the Gold/Silver ratio and the 10yr-2yr Yield Curve, broad markets are indicated to be at an important decision point.

Markets Gyrate on U.S. Government Shutdown Theatrics

Investors who are aiming to accumulate bullion should welcome soft market conditions. They make for favorable buying opportunities.  

Cyclical Forces

Most advanced human thinking on the deepest conceivable topics points to a limited number of forces defining the whole universe.

Friday Edition: September 29, 2023

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - September 29, 2023

Positions as of Tuesday, September 26, 2023

GDX’s Chronic Undervaluation

Because gold-mining earnings amplify gold price trends, gold stocks are effectively leveraged plays on gold. So their price levels relative to gold’s are a great valuation proxy.

Rally Time For Stocks and Gold?

The gold stock summer doldrums are horrible, but I've predicted it could end by the end of summer. Volume is up!

The Comics of Bidenomics: All Revisions Go Down ... All the Time!

The Fed tightens; the economy goes down, and with so many troubles building up well before inflation is finished, it is going to go down hard.

Liquidity Sloshing Around From Sector to Sector

Although the gold's correction has been mild, because it's gone on for so long, sentiment has become bearish. When gold is done consolidating, it will break out above all-time highs. 


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