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Sunday Edition: December 4, 2022

HUI Rally Hits Short-Term Target

HUI Gold Bugs index has hit the bottom/bounce target at the daily SMA 200

Why the Fed Is Wrong about Inflation Coming Down

The US Federal Reserve continues to grapple with inflation, which at 7.7% (October CPI) is more than triple the Fed’s 2% target, without causing a recession by lifting interest rates too high.

Dissecting the Gross Domestic Pig

Now, I’m going to dissect the pig to fully reveal the lie. I stated in that last article that the lie was the inflation number used to back inflation out of GDP ...

The Economy Is a-Changin'

The “new economy” we’ll face as the 2020s unfold won’t just be a more intense version of the old one. It will be fundamentally different—profound, irreversible, and rapid evolution..

Friday Edition: December 2, 2022

Gold Mid-Tiers' Q3'22 Fundamentals

Gold’s strong upside momentum is attracting back traders and rekindling bullish sentiment.  That will drive increasing interest in the fundamentally-superior smaller gold-mining stocks, which really amplify gold’s gains during uplegs.

Precious Metals: Rocket Launch Now

Technical stock chart updates on $TQQQ, $AEM, $PAAS, $GDXJ, $GLD, $NUGT, $SILJ and more.

Why 27th December Is so Important for Physical Gold and Silver

The London wholesaler exposes the speculators that will be left tricked with undeliverable short positions, waking up into what will likely be a bid-only market.

Stocks, Gold, Oil

Fundamentals did not drive Bitcoin higher, same can said with the US Dollar -- sentiment. The USDX went insanely far from its moving average. Gold moving into a trending phase...

Gold Price Update Video: U.S. Dollar Nearing Key Support Level Which Could Impact Gold

Employment data out today, market mover. It took a big break in the dollar to move gold. The price is moving into the $1824.40 -- where I imagine there will be trouble.

Thursday Edition: December 1, 2022

Closer, But Still No Cigar

It’s remarkable to me how close we appear to be getting to near-universal recognition that silver and gold (along with a host of other commodities) are priced based upon the activities of a relative handful of large paper traders...

Gold’s Role in the International System

Whatever your views about China and its policies, the fact remains that their gold holdings serve as insulation from sanctions. This is because physical metal has zero counterparty risk. It does this job for everyone that owns it.

Gold Price Update Video: Wild trading day

Powell starting to show his hands. Still saying hikes are data dependent. One more big event this week, jobs data this Friday. Gold in a bullish stance.

Wednesday Edition: November 30, 2022

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Axel Merk: Stagflation, Reality is stranger than fiction

Our guest expects "Stagflation" as economic conditions continue to contract as prices continue higher - Merk launched a stagflation ETF. The pace of Fed rate hikes could pause after two more ...

Is China the Mystery Whale in the Gold Market?

“… [D]ollars, yen, and euros will not always glitter in a storm, and they will never be mistaken for gold.” ‘The barbarous relic now flashing a red alert for dollar bulls’

Gold Price Update Video: Markets Get a Look at New Inflation Readings on Wednesday

Gold has flattened out, the market is in a holding pattern. Too much coming out right now -- Fed's Powell speaking today. Likely to talk about being data dependent.

Tuesday Edition: November 29, 2022

Gold Stocks & Gold: A Bullish Divergence

India’s GIFT city is set to become the world’s main gold price discovery hub, dwarfing the COMEX, LBMA, and China’s SGE.  Mining stocks will become an institutional darling...

Fortitude Gold Intercepts 7.62 Meters Grading 10.71 g/t Gold

Within 24.38 Meters Grading 5.06 g/t Gold at County Line


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