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Building South Australia's Largest Independent Gold Producer, Barton Gold's 1.3 Moz Gold Growth Platform

Live from Zurich, I speak with the Managing Director and CEO of Barton Gold, Alexander Scanlon, about their plans to build South Australia's largest independent gold producer using their 1.3M ounce "Gold Platform".

Leading the re-emergence of South Australian gold, Barton Gold is focused on developing the under-explored historic gold region.

The company holds a huge land package in the gold region with 100% ownership in the region's only gold mill. This not only allows the company to focus on cash-flow generation in the near future, but it also helps to unlock other value.

Scanlon explains:

So we are based right in the center of South Australia. So this is the Central Gawler Craton, obviously a very well-known geological district, and on the soft of eastern center portion, that's where BHP has its IOCG province and it's consolidated just to the west of that. There's a historical gold province and this gold province has produced high-grade gold for about 130 years. We've pretty much consolidated every significant historical asset, we own the only gold mill in the region. We've built up a 1.3 million-ounce resource base.

As you noted, our plan is to keep growing that and then bring on these assets in sort of a staged lower risk, lower cost method of development, with the objective to be producing 150,000 ounces per annum.

Scanlon states that they're focused on open pit mineralization and U.S. investors will also be pleased to hear that the company is working on a U.S. listing.

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