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Everything Tomorrow Centered on the US Jobs Report at 7:30 AM CT

All right, in the gold market, we're down for the week, almost 2%. Okay, but it had a heck of a run-up recently. If we step back from here, and we see the week before, it was up 3.39%. So if you subtract what we just lost, you were still up nicely overall. That's one way to look at it. The market after that monster break from the $2150 area is consolidating, trying to figure out what to do. Now, the chart action, higher high, lower low, no real setup to work from there as I see it. 

Even if you take out that low, you're going to have big-time support at $2031.5 down to the 200th-day average of $2006. So I see a support under the market. I don't see a reason to be jumping in and saying, "Oh, you got to buy it again. The market's going to run." just yet. The resistance is still pretty strong here at the upper Bollinger band. So when I look at that market at $2087, I just say that's your resistance point, the support's $2031, I don't see a trend, I see a higher high and lower low and momentum, which had been getting itself overbought, is fully worked out of that. It is a difficult market right here. It's certainly going to look at the jobs data and come to life with it. 

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