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G Mining Ventures Leveraging a Track Record of Mine Building Success into Mining Gold in 2024

Live from Zurich, I speak with the President and CEO of G Mining Ventures, Louis-Pierre Gignac on how they are leveraging G Mining Services track-record of successfully building mines and translating that into G Mining Ventures' move into gold mining.

Gignac explains:

"Essentially a lot of the principles of G Mining Ventures comes from the engineering construction business. So we've built up a track record of building mines for other companies over the years. And you know, we've done that successfully, building them on time and on budget and with good safety records as well.

So it came to a point where we said, well, it'd be interesting to have our own company build our own mine for our shareholders, and be a big shareholder in this business, which we are."

Fully funded to production, G Mining Ventures is looking to build the next intermediate gold producer.

Their Tocantinzinho Gold project's Feasibility Study showed an annual production average of 175,000 Gold ounces per year with an AISC of $681!

Listen in to learn more how G Mining Gold is building Brazil's 3rd largest primary Gold Mine! G Mining Ventures website.

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