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Gold Prices to $4,800/oz by 2030? Showdowns! The West vs East, Competing Currencies, Monetary ...

Live from Zurich, I speak with the Ronald Stöferle, Incrementum AG and the In Gold We Trust Report, about their 2023 In Gold We Trust Report: SHOWDOWN (Download for free:

It is centered about 3 primary themes: The West and the East -- competing currencies, monetary policies and the price of gold.

Some key highlights from our interview:

Although we are near record gold prices, we are far away from a mania or euphoria stage in the gold market.

Everyone is hoping for a big pivot from the central banks, I do not think we are heading back to 0% rates.

Even if they pivot quickly, it will take some time for risk appetite to return to places like the junior market.

We see a recession approaching quickly and Gold is a pretty good recession hedge. On average it is up 7.6% over recessions.

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