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Goldseek Nugget - Aaron Brickman: Silver's Vertical Leap (Part 2 of 3)


This is part two of a three-part show. Watch Part One.

With gold topping new All-Time Record of $2,449, Aaron Brickman, a gold bull, joins me for a market wrap-up via the dynamic Charting video-feature.

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Okay, so from a cycles basis point and that's what Armstrong and Nenner are getting into at some point. We're gonna get a bullish move, everybody's going to yawn at it. They're going to treat it like, 'Oh, we've seen this before. It's just another fake out' and they're just going to be in awe as it doesn't stop...and it runs, okay?

That's the danger when you get up to the $30 level on silver and especially if you start seeing closes up there. This, geopolitically, and where the government is at and where the election cycle is that we are not in 2011 – which was the last time silver was making its run towards $50. This world is completely different.

He continues:

My whole attitude has been on silver is: you don't invest in silver to get rich. You invest in a silver because that is fire insurance on your life. Because there's coming a day when it does go vertical and it doesn't look back – and I do think that when we go vertical to $30 to $50, it's going to be fast and I think $50 to $100 will be [in a matter of] days.

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