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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Aaron Brickman: Gold Is a Lifeboat in Case the Economy Sinks


In Part II with Aaron Brickman, the Financial cycles analyst and gold aficionado outlines encouraging commentary for gold buffs. Find Part I here.

- Gold remains the ideal financial safety net, 3,000 years running.
- To understand how high gold could soar as fiat money fails, divide $1 by zero - close to infinity.
- On Treasurys, I would only lock-in for 90 days until Powell starts making cuts, then I would lock in longer term.
- There is a worldwide loss of confidence in the US government, in part caused by the weaponization of the dollar and the US legal system.
- The economic Titanic could capsize - gold offers the best lifeboat for investors in case the economy goes down.
- The Fourth Turning is a generational cycle in the US and Western worlds. A new cycle means investing differently.
- Stock Market crashes tend to occur when price falls below the 50-day and 200-day moving average. Listen to the interview for details on the pattern to look for.
- How our guest synthesizes his technical market forecasts.

Follow Aaron on X (Twitter) where he posts on markets, news, and geo-political events.

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