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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Aaron Brickman: "You Better Have Metals on That Day"


Aaron Brickman, a former Army Ranger and 20-year entrepreneur with a passion for trading market crashes, joins the show.

When asked if we might see an AU breakout in the next year or two, Brickman states:

"I do, at a macro level, you have to be a buyer of precious metals, especially going into an inflationary period. And if it turns into not an inflationary period, but the mother of all deflationary periods, then at some point gold and silver might get sold initially along with the deflationary environment of equities.

- The BRICS are moving towards gold and silver, improving the case for gold ownership.

Brickman explains further:

But I think as the BRICS come online long term (I know, everybody, it's in vogue to talk about the BRICS on a daily basis), but I think the best way to approach the BRICS is at a very, very macro historical changing-of-the-guard level where you're planning on the metals returning to its rightful place as monetary currency. And in that environment, yes, you better have metals on that day." 

- US equities look solid, our guest cannot find a technical reason to sell.
- Market cycles review via charts in real-time.
- The Fourth Turning - a generational cycle in the US and Western worlds.

Visit Aaron Brickman's Twitter profile to learn more. 

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