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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Andy Schectman: Gold Hedges Against Destruction of Electronic Accounting


Andy Schectman, Co-founder of Miles Franklin, a precious metals firm with over 9 billion in sales, returns to GoldSeek Radio with Happy Thanksgiving wishes and in-depth analysis on the geo-economic scenario and the precious metals sector.

- The Schectman Families' Impressive Numismatic Exhibits, that explore historical developments in the US currency.
- Gold could reach a "Bitcoin-Moment" when investors look-back, wondering, "Why didn't I buy gold when it was only $1,900?"
- The central banks around the world of repatriation of gold and the Peoples Bank of China: 11 straight months of accumulating gold and dumping US Treasurys. 

On his plan to expand its gold reserves, Poland's Central Bank Governor Adam Glapiński  says:

"Holding gold is a matter of financial security and stability. Gold will retain its value even when someone cuts off the power to the global financial system, destroying traditional assets based on electronic accounting records."

- The typical allocation of gold related investments is less than 1/2 of 1%. The main stream public public hasn't dipped a toe into this market. Bank failures and the following bank bail-ins could set off a chain-reaction of epic proportions, sending the price of precious metals into the magnetosphere.
- A financial sector collapse could make the metals un-obtainable.
- If merely a handful of equities funds turn to the precious metals, the price could explode.
- The BRICS powerhouse is challenging the hegemony of the reserve currency.
- Overleveraged financials could be "bailed-in."
- Blessings to Peter and Vanessa Spina and their family, as they expect their second child!

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