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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bix Weir: Silver Price Manipulation


In Part I with Bix Weir, founder of Road-to-Roota, our caped crusader rejoins the show with wildly positive news for silver aficionados! Stay tuned for PART II with Bix on the topic of Bitcoin!

- Silver demand in solar and electronic industry may be vastly understated.

Well, the past last year was the biggest silver demand situation in history by far. Although what's being reported is a fraction of what actually happened and which is I'm still digging in the Silver Institute and Metals Focus – these the two entities that come out with the silver survey every year, and so I'm looking at what they're saying; I'm saying that's not right, it's so far off on the silver used, especially in solar consumption that it was shocking. So I learned how to analyze the solar market properly.

How much silver goes into each panel? How many watts? How many grams per water of silver and things like that...I'm coming up with double the amount that they're saying...and that matches the amount of gigawatts installed on the planet for 2023. So I don't know where they're coming up with these th their numbers, but they're clearly very, very wrong and it bleeds into everything. In silver, we cannot go forward without knowing the whole story and that whole story is so manipulated by not only the banks who rig the price of silver everyday in the COMEX but the people who report the data in the numbers. 

- China installed more solar power last year than the entire world, combined!
- Is the inelastic supply/demand nature of the silver sector hinting at an imminent short-squeeze?
- Are the industry statistics on silver supply/demand way off base, and if so what are the implications?
- Is the silver market manipulated?
- Are trends in photovoltaics and EVs, irreversibly depleting the available stockpile of silver?
- How many banks were investigated for silver rigging?
- Is there a lack of veracity in the silver market?
- Might there be a force majeure that forces an extremely abrupt, upward price adjustment?
- If a banking crisis results in share nationalization, could this also send prices sky-high?
- Stay tuned for PART II with Bix on Bitcoin!

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