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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Craig Hemke: Crack-Up Boom Could Unfold


Founder of TF Metals Report, Craig Hemke wishes US listeners a Happy Thanksgiving and big news for gold aficionados!

- Gold appears to be winding up for a run to record highs, to $3,000+

Hemke says:

"It's interesting, we might be finally getting close to breaking out. We're on the verge of a cycle change from the Fed. All the economic activities. We wrap up 2023 pointing to that recession that we've all been waiting on...I saw this morning the amount of Google searches of the term "soft landing" has peaked again like it has ahead of the last 3 recessions. We're on the edge of this policy shift from the Fed and we're already near $2000 an ounce in gold."

- A shift in Fed policy could ignite a stampede into safe-haven assets.

Hemke continues:

"It'll be interesting when we finally break out of that range in gold. We usually get a lot of attention from the generalist [investors]. Usually what happens in just about anything is when you make a new all-time-high, it gets enough publicity, enough attention that you tack on 10% pretty quick. So I thought that would happen this year. So my target this year was $2300. Who knows? There's still 6 weeks left but I think that it's more likely been pushed back into early next year."

- Craig reviews the long-term and short-term prospects for the gold market. 
- Why gold might be the ideal basis for every investing portfolio.
- Rates could be coming down in 2024, sending the metals higher.
- A crack-up boom, similar to the Bolivar in Venezuela, could unfold in N.A.

Hemke explains:

"I've used the term a lot about, you know, it used to be fear and greed. Right? [It] drives equities. Now that only fear is fear of missing out. People are like, "Oh, I'm not worried about losing money. I'm worried that, I got to be in this market." So every dip gets bought and until that trend really reverses and you get some real fear. I don't see why that trend doesn't continue."

- Diversifying into Bitcoin and Ethereum may represent a wise portfolio strategy.
- Uranium investments appear solid from a long term perspective.

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