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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- David Morgan: "Bitcoin Is Not Gold. And It’s Not Gold 2.0."


The Silver Guru of, David Morgan, returns with compelling insights on the financial markets.

- Mining stocks and metals may represent opportunities from a valuation perspective.

Morgan says:

"Gold's pretty near it's all time high, but it's in a trading range. Every time it gets in the $2000-level US dollar-wise, it kind of gets pushed back, again and again and again. It's been that way for a few months. It'll probably continue 'til the end of the year..."

- Check out David's documentary trailer, Silver Sunrise.
- Is the global monetary system resetting?
- Bitcoin cannot replace gold, but has an important spot in finance.

David explained:

"...Money that would have gone into precious metals got co-opted by the crypto world, primarily Bitcoin initially which still is the leader of the pack.

People who would have put money into gold or silver opted into the Bitcoin world or the crypto world. And that is somewhat provable, I mean if you look at how many references there are to Bitcoin being gold 2.0, better than gold, etc. and it's all Bitcoin. And Bitcoin is not gold. And it's not gold 2.0 and it's not digital gold. These are all lies. Pure and simple, it's not gold. However, it's a software. It's like a ledger like Excel that's available to everybody on the World Wide Web. So how much is an Excel spreadsheet that's basically open source -- you tell me."

"...Something like that, that's software, is not gold.

- Portfolio diversification dictates adding a small investment in Bitcoin and Ethereum could be a solid long-term asset plan.
- Various investing and timing strategies.

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