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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Louis Navellier: Gold Does Well When There’s No Confidence in Central Banks


Louis Navellier, esteemed Money Manager, and OG quant, notes an "early January effect for US stocks."

- Gold could continue to shine due to record deficits and monetary expansion.
- Louis Navellier's gold stock, Alamos Gold Inc. (AGI).
- Declining rates could help the markets.
- Early January effect is in play.
- Wholesale prices are running low.
- Will the Fed cut lending rates in the New Year?
- nVidia's sales are soaring, with a new virtual sector monopoly.
- The chip-maker could explode 2x to $1,000!
- AI remains a red-hot investment theme - nVidia is a key, arena player.
- IBM's super-computer AI just eclipsed all global weather forecasting systems.
- Gold will continue to perform well thanks to record deficit spending and monetary profligacy.
- Pegging the Argentine Peso to the Dollar is a temporary fix.

Navellier explains:

"Gold is something that does well when there's no confidence in central banks and a lot of people are wondering how we're going to manage these trillion dollar plus deficits. I think the only thing maybe helping the US temporarily is that election in Argentina. Because their new president wants to peg the Argentine peso to the dollar, like Panama or Ecuador are pegged to the dollar.

So that does help the US but you know, as we look at all these central banks, and it's funny, in Argentina's case, if they pegged to the dollar, they get rid of their central bank. So that's one of his budget cuts."

- Our guest likes the energy sector - the "US is a major LNG and energy exporter..."
- His natural gas pick, is Dorian (LPG)

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