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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Martin Armstrong: Gold as a Hedge Against Political Risks


Head of Armstrong Economics, Martin Armstrong, says that nations around the world may seek conflict to stimulate sagging economic growth.

- Will the US Treasury issue a digital currency, a CBDC?
- Martin outlines how he hedged his fund against currency risk.
- Might the BRICS issue a gold-backed currency?
- US Politics.
- Gold remains the de facto, universal safe-haven asset.

I mean, gold is still going to be the one that goes up even more. So, the ratio can expand and it does usually, during war, all right. But the fact you have, China and Russia's stockpiling gold etc., that comes back to what I was talking about political risk. Right. It's got nothing to do with it. They think it's going to go up or down, all right. It's that, it's like people right now have been buying real estate is to get money out of the banks.

When I talk to realtors around here, houses that are one to five million to paying, [are] being bought for cash. Not mortgages. As people just getting money off the grid as we say, and so you have countries basically doing the same thing with gold to them. It's gold is at least neutral and whether it's going up or down, they don't really care. It's just that if they have dollars, it's a political risk.

- Is the world on a collision course with disaster?
- Martin's economic tome is number 1 on!
- Martin's book

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