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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Martin Armstrong: Golden Opportunities, May Events and Bullish Trends


Head of Armstrong Economics, Martin Armstrong, outlines his case for unparalleled geopolitical instability and the implications for gold, stocks and various financial markets.

- Domestic geopolitical challenges.
- Potential for escalating global conflicts.
- Will global governments face upheaval by 2032? Euclid thinks so...
- Might waning confidence in government increase demand for gold?
- Martin notes that a monthly close above $2,090 will send gold to new records.

"You need a monthly closing above about $2090, and then that would then start to send it up. January was a key time on our model for this year. It was an inside trading month but it did close lower. So, we expect the volatility to start rising and going in, particularly for the next couple of months. You're going to see the metal start to [firm] up a bit and you're going to see gold start to rise. But again, it's a question of geopolitical confidence.

So once you start seeing a number of these things beginning to develop and May is a very critical period. Britain is just the puppet of the American neo-cons and they're looking to try and create a confrontation by May. May is when you have the next Russian president sworn in on May 7th and as long as we get, the markets testing support into that area, then it would be technically a cycle low...and then we're probably looking at gold going up quite sharply from there on out, probably a bull market into about 2027."

- May 7th may be a pivotal period - when the next Russian President is sworn-in; Putin?
- Martin Armstrong has 3 movies slated! A sequel to the forecaster, one on CBD's and a Hollywood blockbluster like "The Big Short."

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