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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Martin Armstrong on International Capital Flows


Head of Armstrong Economics, Martin Armstrong, reviews video charts of the major indexes in real-time, commenting on the NEW GOLD RECORD price examines the pattern of global economic and financial market booms / busts.

(Please note, the opinions expressed in this interview do not necessarily reflect those of the host or management of 

Armstrong observes both gold and the stock market rose together recently. He says,

"Gold and stocks aren't on opposite sides of the table. When capital is frightened internationally, they [investors] are coming over here [to the U.S], some people are buying gold, other people are buying real estate, others are buying stocks, and some will buy bonds. Step back and look at this from the international perspective. When that happens, as strange as it sounds, the dollar goes up and so does gold, because it's capital flight is what we're talking about." 

- The recent Gold price record indicates gold is going higher soon!
- Soaring rates, increased sovereign risk and elevated debt challenges.
- After reaching a new record high, Martin expects gold to build momentum amid disrupted global capital-flows.
- Successful investing requires an international perspective.
- Armstrong says Congress is to blame for U.S. debt due to out of control spending, not the Fed. "The Central Banks have been neutralized and can't do anything to fix problems." He says the Fed raises rates in an attempt to curb government spending, which makes the debt load worse; but if they cut rates, it encourages more out-of-control spending.
- Fiscal profligacy may be the true monetary policy; the Fed's hands may be tied.
- Martin discusses his consultations with global Central Bankers.
- Martin says capital is still flowing into some regional real-estate markets.
- Review of the Bitcoin Chart - up almost 200% from the recent low!
- Martin's 2024 forecast!
- The ChatGPT and AI trends...
- Special report on Middle East conflict
- Special gold report.
- Forecaster, the new movie on Socrates and Martin!

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