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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Robert Kiyosaki: "If You Can Print It, I Don't Want It."


Robert Kiyosaki, "The Rich Dad" and US Marine Veteran of The Vietnam War, bought a Gold Mine in Utah and returns to with exciting news for precious metals aficionados and is holding BITCOIN! 

- Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin are the only self-defense mechanisms Kiyosaki needs, for his financial portfolio!

Kiyosaki states:

"...Our national debt is going through the roof. So I wish I wasn't a gold fan, but gold is the only self defense mechanism there is right now. And silver, I like silver also. Just because they can't print it. And that's kind of my philosophy: if they can print it, I don't want it."

- Once gold moves, silver could move higher several times higher, on a percentage basis.
- Kiyosaki loves the precious metals amid the out-of-control national debt soars to epic levels.
- Gresham's Law guarantees gold holders will be victorious, as paper-fiat money drives gold and silver coins out of circulation, because wise citizens reject copper-sandwich coins and hold onto valuable silver coins.

Kiyosaki explains:

"Gresham's Law. They've been playing with our money since 1964 when our silver dollar -- quarters, dimes, and nickels became copper, or some alloy. And then 1971, Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard and that's when I became a gold bug. I was a silver bug first, and a gold bug second. But now the national debt is...I don't know how we're going to survive."

- Kiyosaki owns Japanese Wagyu bulls.
- Kiyosaki outlines the success strategy of his gold mine, Tintic Standard Gold Mines Inc (TNTC), please send your interest to the host at 
- Kiyosaki owns an oil well, but not oil stocks, adhering to his maxim "If you can print it, I don't want it."
- Beware of T-Bonds; he prefer T-bills, with lower-term maturities.
- Our guest expects continued financial sector issues, bank failures, and the bankruptcy of REITs to send gold to fresh record price levels.
- Robert owns Bitcoin, which he bought at a low price.
- Ethereum is silver to Bitcoin gold, and could 10x from current levels in the years ahead.
- Bitcoin and Ethereum are both trading at 50% discounts off the previous records!
- Robert stores his gold and silver in the EU.
- Kiyosaki has concerns about the half-life of uranium.
- Crude oil could be the next moonshot says our guest!
- Robert likes oil wells over shares.
- He's buying an EV vehicle as backup ahead of a Mad-Max-like scenario.
- is excited to add music from the remarkably talented musicians, Ms. Nancy Sidley and Cody Killian, from the IMH church in Hayesville NC, under the purview of Father Alejandro "Alex" Ayala.: Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church - Hayesville, NC


Please note: GoldSeek employees are not shareholders in Tintic Standard Gold Mines and are not compensated by the company.

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