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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Yvonne Blaszczyk: BRICS Announcement Will Profoundly Impact Gold is excited to welcome Yvonne Blaszczyk on her show debut, the new BMG Group head, a seasoned board member and experienced executive with an extensive background in corporate management, strategy and governance, finance, human resources, legal compliance, and leading results-oriented change.

Blaszczyk says: 

"If you look at the (kind of) daily, or fluctuations, that's not the indicator. You have to look over a longer period of time and you see that we are definitely going to break through $2000 and more. One of the influencing factors that I would like to speak about is the January 1st 2024 announcement of the membership of BRICS, which I do believe will have a profound influence on gold prices.

- The BRICS national block is expanding exponentially, diluting the reserve currency hegemony.
- BRICS oil production capacity has doubled from 20% to 40% globally
- 30% of Global GDP stems from the BRICS block.
- Western officials are strongly urged to embrace the BRICS as economic trading-partners.
- Gold could emerge as the currency backing of choice as BRICS gain global favor.
- The global economy is becoming increasingly unstable due to fiat money machinations.
- BMG records all bullion bar serial numbers and clients may visit their holdings in person.
- GEO-diversification involves storing gold and silver bullion around the globe.
- Gold bullion storage diversification is essential, including off-shore to circumvent domestic issues.
- The upcoming BRICS summit in January where new members are listed could ignite precious metals.

- BMG has a diversified Hedge Fund with unique aspects - READ the paper here:
BMG Diversified Hedge Fund - Read


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