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The Great 2021 Bimodal Cusp Catastrophe – what will prevail? – Freedom or Tyranny?...

2020 will go down as the year that the New World Order (NWO for short), after many years of building up to it, declared full on war against the rest of humanity, and since this war kicked off with an unprecedented “shock and awe” campaign it definitely got off to a flying start.

The main problem from the point of view of humanity at large is that at least half of it doesn’t realize that it is targeted for annihilation or slavery, and so it collaborates with the enemy in hastening its own destruction. Thus most of the population blindly and meekly follow the commands of the enemy by wearing masks, submitting to house arrest and lining up to have poisonous substances introduced into their bodies. This naturally emboldens the enemy to introduce more and more extreme measures.

Alright, so who are the enemy and what are their objectives? We call them the enemy because they are intent on the degradation and destruction of the lives of the vast majority of the inhabitants of this planet and the appropriation of most of their property and have now mobilized in a big way to realize these objectives as you may have noticed, which are of course diametrically opposed to the interests of most people. We call them the New World Order (because that is what they have declared that they want to create, using the virus plandemic as the catalyst to rapidly bring it about and as cover and because they now control the State, which is to say the governments of most countries, the State itself is now the enemy. The New World Order (NWO) can also be described as the elites and as the super-wealthy and their organizational bodies include the Bilderberg, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and of course front organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation etc. The chief engines of their wealth appropriation are the Central Banks and the fiat money system which serve to create money out of nothing for them and transfer wealth from the rest of the population to themselves largely through the mechanisms of inflation and more recently interest rate suppression , with the kingpin Central Bank being of course the US Federal Reserve, which is the “leader of the pack”. They are not just at the top of the pyramid, they are above it and their enormous wealth, siphoned from society at large over many years, has enabled them to corrupt and take control of virtually every government and institution on the planet, using a combination of bribery, blackmail and coercion. Thus they control almost all governments with the politicians being their puppets, the Church, Judiciaries in most all countries, Central Banks and all major financial institutions, all of the mainstream media, all major international institutions like the World Bank, World Health Organization and United Nations etc. and we mustn’t overlook their control of Big Pharma, the medical profession and the Military Industrial complex. This explains why all these bodies and all countries are working in lockstep to maintain and advance the virus hoax and drive forward the vaccination program, which is actually a mass attack on the population with a bioweapon, and the associated totalitarian agenda. A highly amusing video showing how all these leaders and politicians are just puppets reading from the same script is this Build Back Better video which illustrates the absolute contempt they have for ordinary people who they regard as morons, with some justification it has to be said. In this video you can also spot Bill Gates waving his arms around like a lunatic and Klaus Schwab sporting a Darth Vader jacket. When they say “Build Back Better” they mean for them, not the majority of the population who will have been strip-mined of their assets and rendered destitute.

The two central pillars of the virus scam are the complete control of the mainstream media worldwide by the NWO and fraudulent PCR testing, which exploit the public’s irrational fear of something it can’t see or quantify.

The job of the mainstream media is to mislead the public by blowing the virus threat out of all proportion to reality in order to promote fear and maintain hysteria and paranoia amongst the population at large. This they do via a non-stop barrage of lies, distortion, exaggeration and misrepresentation that goes on 24 / 7. An example is the British BBC which has received a hefty donation, believed to be US$20 million, from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Johnny Bigger shines a spotlight on the corrupted institutions of society and the public’s suicidal faith in them in his excellent video It Is Destined To Happen This Way.

Even if we accept that the virus exists and that a number of people go down with it, the fraudulent PCR testing is designed is over amplify and vastly inflate the “case numbers”, in order to justify lockdowns (which are never justified even if cases are high, because you lock up sick people, not healthy people) and that after they have bumped them up by encouraging people who don’t feel ill and have no symptoms to go and take these unnecessary tests. Every day on the TV they show people having probes pushed right up their noses. This test is painful because it ruptures a delicate membrane beneath the brain, the better for infections to enter and reach the brain. The reason that this disgusting practice is shown so often on the TV is to acclimate the sheep into thinking it’s normal. You should also beware of this test because it may be being used as a way to vaccinate people on the sly, without them knowing it. Don’t let them do it to you. They further ramp up the case numbers by wrongly categorizing many deaths, especially the usual seasonal deaths from flu, as due to Covid, and pretty much anyone who dies of anything because the hospitals are financially incentivized to report deaths as Covid deaths.

This virus scam is the biggest con job or hoax in the history of the world by far and it is astounding how successful it is being in herding 8 billion people towards their doom, in many case unwittingly, but willingly.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the NWO team is that the core of them comprise no more than a few hundred people, a few thousand at most, yet through their control and manipulation of all the bodies described above, and the blind unquestioning obedience of the masses that they have targeted for destruction, they are driving 8 billion lemmings towards the edge of a cliff.

As for who these people are, they are old money families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, and “nouveau riche” in your face new members of the club, like Bill Gates, who suffers from massive ego expansion and megalomania to the extent that he actually thinks that, despite being a computer geek and not a doctor, he has the right to force everyone on the planet to get vaccinated. When you see him talking and waving his arms around he looks certifiable. Then there is playboy Elon Musk, who is having fun creating a satellite grid to fry the planet with 5G radiation, although this apparently is a side effect, the main purpose of it being to control the surviving transhuman droids after The Great Cull via their bodily implants – the internet of things will include them.

Perhaps the most unsavory and unfortunate aspect of the NWO for the world at large is that they are a dark side cult that engages in bizarre occult rituals, and apparently you cannot join the all-powerful inner circle unless you yourself go through rituals of initiation, kind of like Frat initiation rituals but on a grander scale. All this might be relatively harmless were it not for the fact that they happen to control the world – or at least they do until the masses find the courage to stand up for their rights – and were it not for the fact that they are Satanists, which means that they are EVIL, and enjoy inflicting harm and suffering on those over whom they exercise dominion which is pretty much everyone else, especially if this results in any increase in their already massive power and wealth – even leading politicians and royals are instructed to “eat humble pie” and wear the mask, to set an example to the plebs (they take them off as soon as the cameras stop rolling). Klaus Schwab is said to like dressing up as Darth Vader which is a clear indication that he is on the dark side, the difference between him and Vader being that while Vader destroyed entire planets, Schwab will settle for simply destroying most of the people on his home planet. If you doubt any of this you must have been hiding in a cave for the past 18 months, oh, wait a minute, many of you have been, on their orders, but at least you have had the media to tell you what to think. Over the past year or so, using the virus scam as a fig leaf, they have set about destroying both the economy and society in a cruel sadistic and totalitarian manner, and if serious resistance is not forthcoming soon, things will get orders of magnitude worse.

What we are seeing is the implementation of communism on a global scale, and the reason that NWO are bringing this about is because communism is a two-tier society, that will see them as a fabulously wealthy ruling class and everybody else living in the manner of feudal serfs which will actually be worse because everything they do will be controlled and scrutinized 24 / 7 and they will be biologically altered into transhuman slave - droids. Ironically, the supposed champion of freedom, the United States, is in the vanguard of this movement, as the article Masks, social distancing and virtual learning are really about the installation of COMMUNISM in America makes very clear.

Speaking of masks, mask wearing will never end, because they are a central plank of control of the masses and are an instrument of dehumanization, humiliation and subjugation, serving to erase identity and stifle human interaction. Now we have news that masks are set to become a lot more sophisticated and become smart masks, which will be connected to a cellphone app that will let you – and the authorities – know if you are not wearing it properly or take it off and when it needs cleaning etc.

When you get time, watch Hidden Truth by Zachary Denman. It’s over an hour long because it’s a collection of his short films about different aspects of the totalitarian takeover. Notice how it’s labeled as Sci-Fi to escape the censor’s axe, but what it depicts has clearly already started to happen.

The destruction of society worldwide is obviously a core objective of the NWO and is achieved via the “social distancing” fraud. Think about all the different measures employed over the past year whose goal is to destroy your relationships and separate you from other people. Thus people have been encouraged to fear all contact with other people, have been banged up in their houses for months at a time, when they do go out they have to wear dehumanizing masks, and all places where people can meet up have been closed – cafes and restaurants, concert halls, sports stadiums and museums, and they have even isolated children by forcing them to stay home. The reasons that they are doing this are primarily because isolating people makes them weaker and more afraid, with the added bonus that some of them will get sick and die, and the frustration and paranoia can be exploited to get more people to accept being vaccinated, by being made to believe that it will be “a way back to normality” when the truth is that it will kill many of them. Another reason is that if people can’t even meet up and share their thoughts, it’s a lot harder for them to organize a revolution to overthrow their oppressors.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects of what has occurred over the past year is how children have become the biggest victims of the NWO (apart from the elderly of course, who they are simply exterminating). Schools have been closed everywhere, which means that along with the lockdowns, children have been unable to go out. This has caused them immense physical and psychological harm. The experience of going to school enables children to start forming friendships with other children about their own age, which is a vital part of their development process, and is especially important where the child has no siblings. They have been denied this, and in addition denied the necessary exercise that going out entails, and also denied sunlight, especially those who live in apartments. Quite obviously this is all very harmful and will have long-term consequences. In place of school the NWO have substituted online classes, which they approve of because it means “Big Brother” can monitor all the interaction between the online teacher and the child, and while they are at it they can snoop on what is going on in the children’s home and overhear conversations etc. Online classes are no substitute for a real world school and classroom, where in the past the teacher could take a child aside and give him or her some private advice. The relationships are only virtual and the child suffers accordingly. It also means that the parents can’t both go out, unless they pay a child minder. The best thing parents can do in this situation is switch the computer off most of the time and teach the kids themselves, forming a circle with other like-minded parents to pool knowledge resources, as some have already been doing for years, although of course the lockdowns are designed to prevent this. One of the nastiest violations of children’s basic rights is to force them to wear masks, and parents should collectively be ashamed that they have allowed the NWO to do this to their children, especially where they return to school and are expected to wear them all day. Not only are these masks psychologically distressing for kids and a nuisance, but they are unsanitary and a health hazard.

The reason that the NWO decided to make their big play when they did late in 2019 and unleash a totalitarian storm using the phony health crisis as cover was that that after many years of ever increasing debt expansion, the world economy was teetering on the verge of collapse, so they needed a crisis as an excuse to dramatically ramp up money creation even further, both to stop the system imploding and to facilitate wealth transfer (to them) at an even more rapid rate in the dying days of the current fiat system, although this timeline was mapped out by them long ago, so their decision to unleash the virus, or at least the virus hysteria, when they did was not spontaneous, witness the Rockefeller “lockstep” documentation published in 2010 setting out the lockdown scenario that we are now in in some detail. All of this is by design and they are following a storyboard.

Many believe that the current catastrophic timeline was birthed with the release of the virus late in 2019, or if they are more thoughtful they may see the events of 9/11 as the starting point, since this enabled the NWO to eviscerate the Constitution with their pre-written Patriot Acts which steamrollered citizens’ rights and led to years of unnecessary misery for air travellers. But the fact is that this timeline was birthed much longer ago than that with the creation of the Federal Reserve way back in 1913, which is not Federal at all, but is a private racket that has reduced the value of the dollar by about 97% since it came into existence. What has happened is that giving this racket the power to create money out of thin air, especially since Nixon eliminated the gold standard, has enabled it print trillions at an exponentially expanding rate to pump up the debt bubble and latterly constrain interest rates, the better to transfer wealth up the pyramid to those at the top, and in addition gift vast amounts of money to itself and its cronies. Now they are “going for broke” as the debt bubble has become so monstrous that it is running away, so they are creating money at a prodigious rate – which is why the stockmarket keeps going up – in full awareness that before too much longer the whole thing will fly apart as the debt bubble explodes, interest rates will spike uncontrollably, there will be a short-lived rally in the dollar before it reverses and plunges into the abyss, stockmarkets will plunge as credit markets lock up, and the world goes Mad Max – and once this happens it will happen very, very fast. In the meantime, while they create fantastic amounts of money, they are averting the hyperinflation that this would otherwise cause by killing the economy with lockdowns, so that there is no money velocity, and they are therefore able to buy up distressed assets at firesale prices and also colonize the world by pumping trillions of dollars through foreign Central Banks – you won’t hear much about that though. Quite often you see long-winded articles trying to explain why the lockdowns are ineffective, but these innocent (or misguided) writers completely miss the point, which is that the lockdowns are not about containing the virus – you don’t lock up healthy people, you lock up sick people - but have much more nefarious objectives which are, as mentioned above, to kill the economy to slow the velocity of money to zero so that the Central banks can print money at prodigious rates and literally “buy up the world” with the added bonus that they damage people’s health and make them more desperate, so that they are more likely to submit to being vaccinated and more likely to succumb to its ill effects, and lastly they stop people meeting up and sharing their thoughts, thus reducing the chances that people will revolt. This poor Irishman appears to be at his wits end with the lockdowns, but he would be even more outraged if he knew the real reasons for them.

The tsunami of newly created money gushing into the system is what has caused stockmarkets and in some parts Real Estate to soar despite the dead economy, and there are some wealthier people who have been making fortunes out of this. However, this is akin to the first class passengers aboard the Titanic having a wild party after the iceberg strikes and the ship starts to list. The NWO have already departed in the lifeboats, and the 1st class passengers are doomed like most everyone else – wealth itself won’t save you. There are 2 classes of people who are going to survive what’s coming, the NWO and preppers – money itself won’t save you.

Greg Mannarino makes some crucial points about the current situation in his new video THIS IS THE BIGGEST DECEPTION IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

When the debt bubble finally explodes and the credit markets lock up, we can expect global pandemonium, absolute chaos, with banks slamming their doors, total breakdown of the supply chain and the terrified masses, eyes bulging with fear and panic, on the rampage, ransacking supermarkets and stores, and even attempting to plunder their neighbor’s houses. The survivors will be the preppers, those who have had the foresight to stock up with essentials and have the ability to defend their stash, and of course the NWO. It is not known the extent to which the NWO intend to use mass starvation, instead of or as well as the vaccines, to achieve their ambition of drastic population reduction. A convenient scapegoat for a complete financial collapse could of course be a massive cyberattack and – just by coincidence you understand – the NWO have been running simulations of massive cyberattacks for some time notably Cyber Polygon 2020, with a big one scheduled for this coming July, which could, like the prophetic Event 201 in NYC in October 2019, presage just such an event, which would further the Great Reset agenda of the NWO. So all these millions of people sat comfortably at home working on computers thinking that they are going to escape the worst of it could be in for a nasty shock. What will be more important than making money on the stockmarket going forward will be getting prepared in a defendable situation – making sure you will always have access to clean water and food, even if it means drilling a borehole, collecting rainwater and growing your own food. Then the globalists can do what they like. With the Biden regime installed in the US via a fraudulent election, the drive has now started in earnest to disarm the American population, and they will probably do this by making more and more classes of guns and ammo illegal and the possession of them punishable by fines and imprisonment. They will eventually deal with hardcore holdouts by means of overwhelming force military style raids.

Lest any of you reading this are concerned about the welfare of the NWO during the dark times ahead, you shouldn’t be. They are well prepared and will be living on large private estates or islands, where we can presume that they have a huge stash of food and other essentials, the ability to grow food with a workforce to do this and extensive and heavily armed private security to deter or eliminate intruders. Many of them are believed to be holed up in New Zealand, from where they can watch all the mayhem around the world unfold with amusement while they continue to live in absolute luxury. This may help to explain why New Zealand is so paranoid and extreme about complete elimination of the virus.

Most of you will have heard of the World Economic Forum (WEF), or New Word Order’s new catchphrase that they have introduced to condition the walnut-brained masses in preparation for their new reality, which goes “You will own nothing, and be happy”. They are right that you will own nothing, but you will definitely not be happy. They go on to elaborate about why you will be happy, for example, you won’t need to own cooking equipment and utensils, because if you decide to cook something, what you require will arrive by drone. I don’t know about you, but if I decide I want to cook something, I don’t want to wait 10 minutes or more for a drone to arrive and then unpack the stuff on my doorstep. They also say that while you are out, your living room can be used for business meetings – great! – suppose you go out and 10 minutes later discover you have forgotten something, you return home to find a bunch of strangers parked in your living room maybe sticking their feet on the table and spilling coffee, and it would be the same even if Klaus Schwab was at the meeting and especially if Klaus Schwab was at the meeting. These incredibly idiotic and patronizing illustrations regarding why you will happy owning nothing demonstrate the absolute contempt they have for everyone but themselves, who they regard as imbeciles, and sadly they are right about many people – take a walk down any street and see them all wearing masks if you doubt that.

To any person with more than 2 functioning brain cells, the statement “You will own nothing, and be happy” immediately begs the question “If you don’t own anything, then who does? – why them, of course, and here is how they are going to go about robbing the populace of what little property they have, which is mainly the house that they live in. As mentioned above the monstrous debt bubble is going to blow to smithereens and when this happens Real Estate and stockmarkets will crash, and many people will lose any savings they have, their pensions and their jobs, if they have one by then. They will be destitute and unable to pay their basic bills and especially not a mortgage but will be permitted to go ever deeper into debt for a while in order to keep their heads above water. Then, at a strategic moment, the creditors will turn the screw and call in the debts, but many people won’t be able to service them, and at this point the munificent NWO will magically show up with “an offer you can’t refuse” – they will undertake to eliminate your debts in exchange for you handing over your property to them, principally Real Estate of course. If you follow this reasoning you will now understand why they say “You will own nothing” and you will also understand why they are intentionally destroying the economy with lockdowns.

When this whole virus pandemic hysteria started the NWO launched a full on psychological blitzkrieg against the masses, which started with wall to wall non-stop TV coverage showing hospital wards with doctors and nurses running around in spacesuits, patients gasping for breath in bell-shaped helmets and attached to ventilators expanding and contracting, coffins being piled up outside etc., kind of like the “babies in incubators” propaganda that they did about Saddam Hussein before the Gulf War in 1991, and of course, if Hollywood can do a pretty realistic scene showing Bruce Willis on the surface of an asteroid as they did in the film Armageddon, doing a scary hospital ward scene is a “piece of cake”. The object was petrify the population, and it worked, in order to put them in a disoriented psychological state so that they would willingly give up all their freedoms in exchange for being made safe. This psychological blitzkrieg then proceeded to drive home the advantage by introducing mandatory gagging (mask wearing), house arrest (lockdowns) and destruction of society (social distancing, closure of bars, pubs and restaurants, concert halls, football stadiums, museums etc). The object was to traumatize the population and create and maintain a state of paranoia, again so that the people would accept the complete elimination of their personal rights and freedoms and to prepare them to accept the “mark of the beast” which is vaccination and chipping, at which point they will assume the status of farm animals. To their delight the NWO have found that their draconian measures to date have met with remarkably little pushback because the majority of the population are now like hydroponic plants in a greenhouse, weak, dependent and devoid of self-esteem. This has emboldened them to go even further and for a bit of fun pile it on to see how far they can they can “push the population’s nose in it”; for example in Brisbane they are trying to force you to wear a mask even when you are driving alone in a car or jogging and now they are saying that one face mask doesn’t provide enough protection – you You need to wear 2, but why stop there? – why not wear 5 or even 10 masks. This would eliminate the risk of either catching or disseminating the virus completely, because you will have died of suffocation. Logistical problems with getting the entire population inoculated? – no problem! – just use your initiative and Mix and Match Jabs - what could possibly go wrong? Want to get your child trained up for the brave new world of track and trace technology? – no problem! – just sent them to a school where they can wear a microchip around their necks all day, as in Microchip Track and Trace Schoolkids. I know, it’s a bit inconvenient with them having it on a pendant, after all they might lose it, but don’t worry, soon enough it will be embedded within their bodies. Not interested in having the vaccine? – you could then receive a visit from The JAB PERSUADERS. Just remember to have a bucket of water ready by the upstairs window, and if that doesn’t stop them, a bucket of something much nastier. But wait, there’s more. When you go to a supermarket you may have to go through a disinfection pod that is currently being trialled on football fans – watch the cattle at the end of this clip and you will understand exactly what the NWO think of ordinary people. When you watch this video introducing the “Social Distance” Christmas Jumper you will realize that there really is no hope for humanity. Lest you are concerned that you have missed the opportunity to sport wearing this jumper this past Christmas, I have good news for you, there will surely be an improved and more sophisticated version available by next Christmas, when we can anticipate that the lights will start flashing at a greater distance! It’s a good thing Winter is nearly over in Britain, isn’t it? – after all, when it snows there’s a real risk that anyone who shamefully loses control of themselves and throws snowballs will be subject to SNOWBALL fines and on the German ski slopes you have marshalls chasing people down and fining them for not wearing a mask while tobogganing. I’ve saved the best till last and now we take a look at the Black Bus of Doom whose important work is to maintain a heightened state of hysteria and paranoia amongst the hapless population and finally a work opportunity for the seriously desperate to walk around town with a heavy TV set strapped above their heads to blare supposedly scary propaganda in the faces of oncoming pedestrians in BONKERS! This clip Chinese Cabin Crews to WEAR NAPPIES to Avoid RONA! shows that, without serious pushback, there will no limits to this lunacy. Hugo fully expects to be deplatformed by youtube at any moment, for obvious reasons as they are now controlled by the NWO who aim to eventually obliterate anything that doesn’t conform with their narrative, and if he is the links to his videos set out here will no longer work, so remember that you can access all his videos at his own site

Many people are being fooled into thinking that when they have been vaccinated, their lives can return to normal and they can do things like travel again, but as what is going on in Israel makes clear, they are being conned, because when they have received their “health passport” after being jabbed, they will still have to take tests and because the vaccine mutates, they will have to have repeat shots for ever to maintain their status as made clear in Blueprint For Jab Passport. International travel by the masses has effectively been eliminated, by design, as this video showing a couple making a trip from London to LA on a Virgin Atlantic flight with just 14 people on board makes plain. Unless the government steps in with subsidies airlines flying with such low capacity will simply go out of business, and although some flights in the US are still packed that will end when the debt bubble blows up and what’s left of the economy implodes completely.

Gary Barnett doesn’t mince his words when he sets out what all this is about in Medical Martial Law and Propaganda are Driven by Stealth and Marketing of a Biowapon Disguised as a “Vaccine”! and as Gary stated in his classic article of the 12th December The State’s Planned Covid Hell Is Coming and Death With It!, “The next, and maybe final, nail in the coffin of freedom will come in the form of an experimental Covid vaccine. The risk due to mass acceptance of any vaccine claiming to release the chains now wrapped around our throats is immense. The exact opposite result will be the case, and the effect of universal compliance concerning these injections will be the equivalent of still being chained but also being inside a coffin.” and here is his latest he makes clear that Petitioning Governments or Courts Will Never Result in Gaining Freedom: Only Mass Disobedience Can Prevail. It is worth going back and reading Gary’s other articles on this subject on this site, that he produced about twice a week, which are easy to find. Also well worth reading is Paul Craig Roberts’ new article The Covid Deception Serves An Undeclared Agenda where he tells it like it is in his usual to the point style.

When one thinks of occult rituals what comes to mind is things like seances, the Druids chanting at Stonehenge at midsummer sunrise, or more darkly the Ku Klux Klan burning crucifixes, but what is happening now is that the entire population of the world is caught up in a massive epochal occult ritual of transformation designed to transport people from the relatively free society that existed from 1945 to 2019 to a dystopian nightmare that will involve at least 70% of them being “terminated” and the rest turned into a totally controlled slave class. I am totally awestruck at the New World Order’s ability to pull this off – it is beyond astonishing. The masses have no idea what is being done to them – not 1 in 10,000 understand what all this is about. Go into any town center and watch them going through the occult ritual steps, not just millions but billions of them every day. The incessant hand washing, symbolic of rejection, rejection of the past, the lockdowns and quarantines which are designed to separate people from the mundane regular affairs of their lives and traumatize them through isolation, making them receptive to reprogramming from their Masters, the mask wearing, which is about collective ritual humiliation and dehumanization and also about censorship and submission and the creation of an alternate persona, and lastly the social distancing, which is intended to destroy society and eliminate human interaction, so that people can be reduced to isolated vulnerable emotionless zombies completely under the control of their Masters. The suffering inflicted on the population by all these measures since all this started has been on an astronomic scale, but remember, the New World Order are a Satanic cult, and the more people suffer the more they get off on it. They are now reveling in their absolute power, granted to them by the clueless submission of the masses. They LOVE imprisoning people in their homes for weeks on end, they LOVE forcing children to wear masks all day at school and they are rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of all the millions who will sicken and die as a result of all these measures, and of course as a result of the crowning glory of their campaign, which is to get as many of these worthless cattle vaccinated as they possibly can. They are looking forward lasciviously to the time, not far away now, when they will be able to incarcerate millions who don’t comply in quarantine centers where they will be subjected to medical experiments, routine brutality, torture and extermination on an industrial scale, in accordance with The 10 Stages of Genocide. Those who eagerly conform can be dealt with in a much more straightforward manner – by simply killing them with the vaccine or later booster shots when the time is deemed right or turning them into transhuman droid vassals.

Perhaps the most frightening realization that comes when you start to more fully comprehend what this is all about, is when you start to see things from the NWO’s perspective, and nothing is more effective in bringing about this clarity of understanding than trying to explain to brainwashed, obstinate, willfully ignorant and stupid close friends or relatives what is driving this entire thing. They simply will not admit anything that contradicts the narrative that they have sucked up from the mainstream media, and then will talk in simpering terms about people they know or know about who they think have died from Covid, and make you out to be a heartless monster. It’s at this point that your attitude hardens and you think, “Alright, you get on with it then, line up and get the shot, and see what happens to you.” and you also start to understand why the NWO regard the majority of the population as mindless cattle, to be farmed or culled. Go into any town center and see for yourself the sheer imbecility of it all – everyone wearing masks, washing their hands incessantly and keeping apart from each other, all with no scientific justification whatsoever – and watch how they start to turn on you like hyenas if you take your mask off and get too close to them, which being cowards they will usually only do if they outnumber you. It is exactly as Dr Joseph Mercola sets out in The World Is Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis. So are the NWO so wrong in wanting to rid the world of much of this mindless rabble? – you find yourself seriously wondering.

Speaking purely objectively there are sound reasons for wanting to cull the human herd. The human population has exploded exponentially over the past couple of hundred years, and especially over the past 50 years, wreaking devastation on the environment and world ecosystems. This has been made possible by more efficient or intensive farming methods, mechanization in general and by modern medicine keeping more people alive. A particularly unsavory and disturbing consequence of this has been that crude ignorant low-class people have been outbreeding more refined higher class people - and this is said as a generalization that doesn’t include everyone. In the past the former always bred like flies, without any regard to the future welfare of their progeny often cynically regarding their children as “insurance” for their old age, but nature culled a good percentage of them in infancy or childhood with diseases or malnutrition. Now they are kept alive, albeit often in wretched poverty, by socialist welfare states with the result that the genetic quality of the human race is declining. This fact alone is enough to provoke those in positions of power to want to cull them. To put it simply, the world is groaning under the weight of people of declining quality and would be better off without most of them. The NWO know this and have set the wheels in motion to get rid of most of them, either through mass starvation or killing them by injecting them with substances that will cause their bodies to self-destruct as some point, or by a combination of these 2 methods. This is the reason why they are going full bore to get most of the world vaccinated as fast as possible, before the idiots wake up to what is being done to them. As I understand it, the goal is to reduce the world’s population by between 70% and 95%, and if the NWO are going on the recommendations of the Georgia Guidestones they will be aiming for the latter figure. This will be the best news that the natural world has had for a very long time, centuries in fact, and the plant and animal worlds will breathe a huge collective sigh of relief as it is no longer ravaged to anywhere near the same extent by humankind. Thereafter it could be argued, especially by them, that the NWO will deserve to live in resplendent luxury, because of the magnificent job they will have done in clearing the world of billions of “useless eaters”, the better to allow the natural world to recover from the growing nightmare that has afflicted it for many years now, which has been its voracious destruction by the predatory human race. The pollution caused by the private aircraft of the NWO as they travel freely around will be far less than that caused in the past by billions of ordinary people flying around all over the world.

For those of you who have something of an understanding of the more hidden dimensions of life, there is a karmic element to what is going on now. For decades the great mass of people have “flipped the bird” or given the abusive form of the V sign to God, or whatever you call God, to nature and to the world at large. A prime example is the appalling treatment of animals on factory farms on a massive scale that has been going on for decades – so what are we now starting to see? – people being treated as farm animals, and they don’t like it. What has been supremely important to them in the past has been their personal comfort and pleasure and well-being, and to hell with everyone and everything else. This has resulted in a population that are collectively decadent and degenerate – careless, corrupt, flaccid, gullible, indulgent, ignorant, insouciant, lascivious, wasteful and willfully stupid etc., not everyone of course, but sufficient for it to become a serious problem. When you have the bulk of the population believing that their personal comfort, safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance, you have a population of unprincipled spineless cowards. Now, there is an old but true saying that for evil to flourish, all that is necessary is for good people to do nothing. Well, good people (and not so good) have been doing nothing, or not a lot, for a long time now, and while good has been taking its ease, evil, which is tireless and always looking for an opening, has seized power and gained total control – you only have to look at the current hopelessly rotten administration now installed in the US to see that. Evil made a huge stride forward with the establishment of the parasitic Federal Reserve in the US way back in 1913, which along with its satellite Central Banks around the world that it controls, is now the real world government, with political parties and politicians being marionettes designed to provide a veneer of democracy to keep the masses distracted.

So what happened when a global population who are collectively unprincipled spineless cowards as set out above, suddenly found itself confronted with the NWO’s big power play last year? – exactly what you would expect to happen – they froze with fear, folded and meekly accepted degrading and humiliating treatment – house arrest, mask wearing and avoiding other people as instructed. This cringing before the might of the Master naturally invites more severe measures, and has paved the way for the mass vaccinations now underway, detention and incarceration camps, health passports, a cashless society, tracking and tracing, the complete loss of freedom and eventual genocide on an industrial scale worldwide. The point here is that the masses have been complicit in their forthcoming destruction through their decadence and degenerate behavior over many years, and their refusal, so far, to stand up against those who are intent on their demise. This is why this year, 2021, is the BIG year, the fork in the road, when their fate is decided, which those who understand “Catastrophe Theory” will recognize as a “bifurcation cusp” that can flip in one direction or the other. Last year, 2020, the NWO put their cards on the table and basically said “We are imposing a global communist - fascist dictatorship and we plan to kill a lot of you – what are going to do about it?” This year, the mass of humanity have a simple decision to make, to stand up and be counted and do what they can to resist, which won’t be without personal risk, or to bow to tyranny, and what happens for many years to come will depend on the collective decision taken this year. Perhaps the most paradoxical thing about this entire situation is that it would only take a relatively modest percentage of the population to take a stand against the NWO and their game would be over, because the world population outnumber them by 8 billion to perhaps 5000, but so far the masses, afflicted by apathy, cowardice, ignorance, stupidity and a lack of self-esteem, have created almost no pushback. Here is a good article from Brazil by Fernando Chiocca on the virus fraud and limitless human stupidity entitled Face Mask, Money, State and Human Stupidity.

Speaking purely objectively again, are the NWO right to want to wipe out at least 70% of the population in order to save the natural world and the world for future generations? It depends on your perspective. From the perspective of the natural world they probably are, because a world without human beings would be the best thing possible for it. Obviously they are probably not right from the perspective of humanity and especially those they intend to eliminate. Whilst we can’t answer that question what we can be definite about is that to them “The end justifies the means” as they have already demonstrated with their brutal, cruel and destructive actions and policy implementations of the past year, which puts them in the same league as Ghengis Khan, Vlad the Impaler, Hitler and Stalin etc,. - and we may be being far too generous in assuming that they want to save anything - they may simply want to grow their fortunes further by means of eliminating the competition of small businesses and by the revenues from the forced vaccinations paid for by the taxpayer and the large scale appropriation of private property, and eliminate a large part of the population who they regard as a useless infestation and subjugate the rest into becoming an army of biologically and technically modified transhuman slaves.

On a (slightly) hopeful note, the tyranny can be stopped if enough people unite against it, as happened in Italy in January when 30,000 restaurants defied lockdown rules and as in this video PEOPLE POWER! – AUSTRIA To REOPEN made a couple of weeks ago, and naturally went unreported in the mainstream media, but it will take a lot more than this to turn the tide.

Here is a link to a supremely important video that if heeded could save your health and even your life. It’s called Once we were the living and it makes very clear how the virus scam and the vaccination (bioweapon) program are a massive unprecedented global eugenics genocide program intended to eliminate a large percentage of the world’s population, and with the bioweapon deployment now well underway, deaths are already starting to mount. If you click on only one link in this article make it this one, and watch it with undivided attention.

Finally, if you find this article to be of value, spread it far and wide.

Posted at 9.30 pm EST on 25th February 21.

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