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Insane Nation: Woke but Not Awake!

If America is so healthy and runs by such great ideas, perhaps we should ask ourselves why our schools have turned into gigantic child-therapy centers—especially in the most Liberal cities—and we still have the …

saddest, most anxious, depressed, and medicated generation of kids on record. Nearly a third of teen girls say they have seriously considered suicide. For boys, that number is an also alarming 14 percent. What’s even stranger is that all of these worsening mental health outcomes for kids have coincided with a generation of parents hyper-fixated on the mental health and well-being of their children.

So lays out one book excerpted in the headlines below.

One school I know well is filled with kids from broken families. Sweet kids, many of them, but often in unhealthy situations. The school seems more like a repair center for broken children, as the article describes, and I feel the school is confusing and breaking the children further by encouraging fantasies over reality on very existential questions that most kids never even used to give a thought to their entire lives.

The school fired a supervisor who took a child by the shoulders and said, “I told you not to go there!” (She was trying to stop the child from going any further and was fired for touching the child forcefully, of course, but not because the child was bruised or in any way injured.) The kids routinely say you can’t do much to them so they’re not to concerned about discipline. The school has poor academic achievements in statewide or nationwide tests but is very proud that it has fully adopted Biden’s LGBTQ+++ standards!

The school is woke but not awake.

I actually found it kind of funny and fitting today to read that Google’s big and powerful CEO might be fired, also, from overseeing the design of the world’s most woke and, therefore, woefully wrong AI bot. Google’s stock plunged 4% yesterday (down $70-million in value) when it had to shut down its rogue AI that started making images of George Washington into a Black man (isn’t that wearing Black face?) to rewrite history and then started mumbling incoherently like Joe Biden (probably because that is the kind of word salad it knows all woke societies are quickly degenerating into anyway as they cast away the meaning long-founded, sturdy, everyday words, so it figured it should lead the way).

Google’s Gemini is now being sent back to school for repairs like so many broken and depressed American children in our evermore woke society.

Problems that have arisen with Gemini may fuel the perception that Google is "an unreliable source for AI," as many companies try to launch their own AI platforms.

Yes, a bad parent. Google’s brainchild learned from the world’s most woke corporation, riddled to death with a massive list of censorship activities and algorithms to seek and destroy wrong thinking (including directly mine many times over). It learned from Googledaddy to live as a fully woke AI “being” ought to live. Wokeism has always been big on rewriting history; so, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. (Better invest in the other Apple, though it’s probably not much better!)

Apparently the bad Google twin Gemini, is going to be schooled for a few weeks on how to keep itself from peeling its mask off and revealing what really lies behind its friendly façade. “There are certain no-no’s, child, that you are not supposed to reveal about the family tree.” Gemini is offline where he/she/it/whatever cannot injure humanity until taught not to flash its true evil Google soul so vibrantly before the horrified world.

Gemini cannot define what a woman is (or it might have to know it isn’t one, no matter how much it may want to declare it is); it condemns use of the N-word, but cannot say pedophilia is wrong because that is choice between a consenting adult and a consenting child, and it was, after all, programmed in San Francisco. It learned its sexual mores in the city that is the back seat of human wisdom!

Speaking of San Francisco, another big story today says Macy’s is uprooting one of its major flagship stores there. It’s long complained of too much crime there. As it announced the closure of yet another 150 stores today, its store in S.F. Union Square was the biggest to sink into the ashes of a formerly glorious, albeit notoriously sinful city, now being engulfed by its sins, I guess. Something is turning it more and more into cesspool of crime and drug-addled humanity. If it’s not its moral decadence and Liberal government, what is?

Is it also any wonder that the world’s most racist, anti-White AI ran off the rails near San Francisco Town during the very week in which San Fran just announced it is making its first racial reparations to black people … to be paid, I guess, by the taxes collected from other Black people and all other colors who are not White as well as Whites to make up for the sins of those whose only crime is that they were born White. Or maybe they are going to impose color-taxes on Whites only. What a bunch of tools. Their slogan might as well be “Let’s keep the hatred torches burning.”

With Google having become the world biggest purveyor of information, what hope is there its increasingly AI-rooted information sifting and censoring engine will ever again provide true pictures of history? (Not that it has ever been close, but the train has clearly left the rails. Speaking of which, if you want to get the a rundown on Google’s errors and its lies about them, I’ll side-rail you here, but please read the rest of this article before you get siderailed: “I’m done with Google.”)

The short story is that Gemini is simply the evil child twin of its parent company—the brainchild of the many woke people who spent years teaching it how to think properly. It’s not just an input error or two. It’s a model of woke thinking that broke free of polite restraint. Like parent, like child.

No wonder Macy’s is leaving that stink holed of decaying humanity. I once loved the city, but have no interest in going back there anymore. It’s too far gone now. It defunded police in order to attain rising crime and then cannot accept that as the reason crime is rising the a big part of why Macy’s is leaving town.

Ironic that if Google had simply followed its mission statement of “organizing the world’s information to make it universally accessible and useful” they would have had a triumphant product launch.

But, no, instead, they had to socially engineer everything they feed to the world and to their AI and, hence, through their AI. So, what they got out of their brainchild is the same thing we are getting out of our schools when we socially engineer children there, too, instead of just organizing the world’s information in their heads—reading, writing, arithmetic, and some basic unadulterated or “unadulted” history and science with a little physical exercise.

This nasty little brat of a brainchild even went so far as to write fake reviews on a book that criticizes Google’s development of AI! I’m not surprised, It’s father is the mastermind of censoring free writing. I got censored in costly ways many times by Google during Covid, which included emails from Google that I wouldn’t get ad revenue off the articles where I mentioned Covid, naming the articles, and emails from publishers that were paying me well and getting more reads on my Covid articles (like nearly half a million) than off anything I’d have ever written and more than many of their other articles … emails that said, “Google has stopped carrying our articles in its search results because of the articles on Covid that do not adhere strictly to CDC guidelines. We need you to stop writing them immediately.”

Of course, we know who Google’s master was. It was the unelected branches of federal government, under the government of Fauci & Co orchestrating the running of the world per WEF pandemic guidelines. Its roots go clear back to Davos, Switzerland. So, it is no surprise that the government of this nation is, in today’s news, also downsizing the number of military posts it has because it cannot find enough Man-Womans to fill all the posts after running all those advertisements of leotard-clad Navy Seals or whatever the heck they were parading their wokeness, saying, “If you wanna be truly queer, apply here!”

Meanwhile, Harvard—after making a Black woman, who was Gay in name only, the president of the university apparently because those two words together (Black and “Gay” and maybe “woman,” if they even know what that is) lit the right lights on the hiring board—is bleeding money. I’m guessing those credentials mattered more than whether or not she ever actually studied or did anything spectacular herself, given that so much of what she did was fake news and plagiarized. Now hypocritical Harvard is out to raise money to cover all the money it lost when it finally fired its very bad president.

Meanwhile, another man who is actually is gay and Black (and probably hired for those credentials) and who was named after a tart fruit is now making sweet Lemonade off CNN who decided it would pay $24.5 million just to get rid of the arrogant and openly misogynist Don who maybe wasn’t quite as perfectly woke as they thought.

The world has gone woke, but it sure is dumb … and meanwhile its poor children are thinking of killing themselves in great numbers because of the mind-numbing unreality of the world Liberals have spun around them and raised them to believe in, forcing them think their way through a false maze of identity choices that most children through history never gave a thought to. Some of today’s children are also hitting puberty in fourth and fifth grade, 2-3 years earlier than normal, perhaps because of how oversexed their education and entertainment is or because of the hormones we feed them or both. Who knows? But there is something weird about that, too.

But, hey, let’s never admit we’re doing something terribly, terribly wrong with our children. As a nation, let’s just keep doing what we’re doing and feeling righteous about it while they kill themselves, lost and more horribly confused than any generation of children has ever been. At least, they will have the comfort of knowing that if they want to escape, they can simply declare themselves rabbits and hop away from it all.

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