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Jobs Reports Galore to Move Metals

So let's go to the first chart; this is a weekly chart of gold closes. It hasn't quite made it down to $2307.20, it doesn't have to as long as the market stays over this number. I'm overall [keeping] a bullish posture in the market. You can see how much sideways action (I pointed out this week to you) that you're caught—no man's land.

You had a spike high, and a break low, you've just gone sideways. You've got a higher high and lower low pattern on the chart. You keep rubbing into the 18-day average of closes – if you're under, you have downside side bias, if you're above it, you have upside but you're not trending. Now to get friendly, you have to take out $2350.60. If that number is taken out and you close over $2336.30, I get bullish in the market looking for higher prices at that point.

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