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Lawrence Lepard - 50% Crash Coming - Buy Gold, Silver & Bitcoin

Lawrence Lepard Portfolio Manager and advocate of sound money, is our guest on this episode of GoldCore TV.

With 40% of money in the US being created in the last 2 years, we ask Lawrence if the Fed is trapped. If so will this mean that it is going to be very difficult for them to raise rates or attempt to taper their bond purchase in any meaningful way.

How long before inflation starts to bite hard and why does this suggest to him that a 50% crash in the stock markets could be on the cards?

What are the implications for the silver and Gold Price and why aren’t they significantly higher already?

Lawrence Lepard believes that still, very few people understand the concept of “sound money” but that as inflation continues to remain high, the implications for savers and investors will become very clear and a significant movement towards sound money like gold, silver and bitcoin. will ensue.

He also agrees with the likes of #WallStreetSilver have been saying for some time now and explains why should you buy physical silver and gold.

Lawrence is rare among goldbugs as he also understands and appreciates that bitcoin is an emerging form of sound money. 

You can learn more about Lawrence and his services by visiting his website at:

You can also follow him on Twitter @lawrencelepard

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