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Maybe the Sun Isn’t the Only Thing Being Eclipsed

Recent action in gold and silver is astounding. Both monetary metals opened down hard as if somebody was trying to set a negative tone in the market for the day ahead after many days of strong advances.

Whereupon somebody pounced on the price smashes as if metal was a bargain at any price.

Something major has changed.

The Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury would not have been letting the monetary metals rise so sharply over the last few weeks if they still had much control over the markets, and if they still had much metal they were prepared to lose.

Is the second great era of gold price suppression ending just as the first great era ended with the collapse of the London Gold Pool in 1968, with the exhaustion of the ready reserves of the price suppressors?

In any case, the U.S. dollar is in danger of being murdered by its own government through over-issuance, spectacular and still-growing indebtedness, and political weaponization. 

While the longstanding gold price suppression policy of the U.S. government and its allies, undertaken to defend the dollar and executed largely through the futures markets, remains a prohibited topic with the cowardly mainstream financial news organizations in the West, major central banks and governments throughout the world -- including those of China and Russia -- long have known all about it and have even discussed it openly.

Major financial houses know about it too, though they won't take the risk of discussing it openly. 

GATA is a big reason why they know.

They all are aware of the uncoverable short position the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury have been running in gold for almost 50 years. The violence of the recent rally in the monetary metals strongly implies that this short position is being squeezed by equally big operators. 

So maybe the sun won't be the only thing eclipsed. Maybe a predatory financial system will be eclipsed too, and payback, as the saying goes, is ...well, very unpleasant.

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