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Metals: Conference Board Numbers

When you and I look at the gold market, we've been here and been doing this for a weekly chart. We're just sort of sitting here. We're up about a third of a percent, up about $7 for the week. When we come and we look at the daily bar chart, you can see where you're at, on this report; your higher lows, higher highs, still very much in an uptrend.

Supports all the way back in the June contract around $2343.10. Now in my report, I don't cover June, I move out to the August. So you're going to want us to want to see the difference in the months as to where they're at. You're at a resistance point at the upper Bollinger Band, just as you had fallen to the support point down here so I can make the argument that if it wants to pull back, it can afford to do so and it is an overbought market. Then it made for a very interesting report.

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