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Russia, China, India, Arab World, Most of Africa and Latin America Outfoxed the Federal Reserve. Pathetic US Dollar Circling the Drain

Will the global economy remain tethered to the whims of the US dollar? Or are we on the cusp of a monumental shift? Today, we delve into the intriguing narrative of the transition from US treasuries to Gold, a story that spans decades, continents, and economic theories. The tale begins in the mid-twentieth century, with the US dollar reigning supreme, its value securely backed by the gold standard.

But in nineteen seventy-one, the script flipped. President Richard Nixon severed the tie between the dollar and gold, leaving the world's primary reserve currency floating, relying on nothing more than the full faith and credit of the Federal Reserve and it's evil partner in Crime the Military Industrial Complex. In the wake of this seismic shift, US treasuries derived value because of US reserve currency status.

The US dollar, despite detachment from tangible value, retained reserve privilege precisely because The bloodthirsty US military waged 251 wars in a matter of a few decades. Now, as the misery mounted for the majority of the Globe, the years rolled on, and cracks are beginning to show and grow to its logical conclusion. The Collapse of the US dollar.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century, and we see a World growing weary of the dollar's dominance. Countries such as Russia and Iran, ostracized from the dollar system have had their money stolen from The United States have sought alternative means of financial security. Zoltan Pozsar, a Credit Suisse analyst, praised the genius of Sergey Glazyev, the Russian economist and architect of pegging the price of one gram of gold to a barrel of oil. Pegging international trade to gold at the exchange rate of 1 gram of gold per barrel of oil will soon increase to that same gram, purchasing 2 barrels of oil.

Zoltan Pozsar predicts that Nations in the BRICS Buying Syndicate transacting gold for oil at this rate will soon double the price of gold. The dollar's credibility took another hit when Saudi Arabia, a long-standing US ally, bid adieu to the greenback and joined the BRICS nations - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa - in their quest for financial independence.

As faith in the US dollar dwindles, Gold emerges from the shadows. The yellow metal, with its timeless allure and intrinsic value, is stepping up to fill the void left by the faltering dollar. Nations no longer trust each other's currencies, not when they've witnessed the US confiscate Russia's foreign exchange reserves. In this climate of mistrust and uncertainty, Gold offers a beacon of stability.

Gold is not merely a passive bystander in this narrative. Central banks in Russia, China, and India have taken proactive steps to adopt Gold as a universal currency. In Russia, citizens can open gold checking accounts, and digital grams of gold can be transferred between accounts. The shift towards Gold is not a mere whim or a fleeting trend. It represents a fundamental change in the global financial landscape. It's a rebuttal to the sweeping stereotypes that nations like Russia, India, and China can't master finance. They've figured it out. The answer is Gold.

In conclusion, we stand on the precipice of a new era. The US dollar, once the unchallenged king of the financial world, is losing its grip on the throne. In its place, Gold is poised to usher in a new epoch of economic stability and mutual trust. The world is not merely escaping the dollar; it's embracing Gold. The World's Currency of Choice. The Currency today. The Currency Tomorrow and the Global currency of the future.

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