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Strategic Metals Focusing on Royalties and JVs to Develop Its 96 Mineral Projects in U.S., Canada...

Live from Zurich, I speak with the VP of Communications for Strategic Metals Ltd., Richard Drechsler, about the experienced explorer's early acquisition strategy and how they are creating value from their current 96 mineral projects in the U.S. and Canada. 

Drechsler discusses how the company is reducing risk through the prospect-generator model, and Strategic Metals' extensive portfolio.  

"We've got 96 projects currently that we own 100% interest in. We have 18 projects under options with other parties where they are spending money to earn in. And then we've got 12 royalty interests."

To identify profitable projects and ventures, Drechsler says:

"We are a good group of scientists, so it's just digging through the data. We have one of the largest libraries of mineral data in all of Western Canada. Basically the genesis of Strategic [Metals] is that we've been going through that data, coming up with the best targets, always researching new ideas that are coming out, figuring out how to apply new models to our jurisdiction, and trying to be agnostic to the metals. We've got copper gold lead zinc; all sorts of battery metals. The Yukon is well endowed with all sorts of different metals so we explore all over the place."

Drechsler on some successes of the company:

"Our team is behind the discovery of both of the highest grade—greater than 1,000,000 ounce—gold deposits in the Yukon. One of those was recently purchased by Hecla Mining. The other one is held by Rockhaven Resources 100% and we're a 30% shareholder of Rockhaven; so we have huge exposure to that project."

Drechsler discusses Terra C02 Technologies, which the company holds 11% interest in. They use waste rock, including mine tailings, instead of limestone to create cement. 

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