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Western Canada's Highest Grade Gold Project, Canagold's Building the New Polaris Gold...

Canagold is focused on building western Canada’s highest-grade gold project, New Polaris in northwestern BC.

Live from Zurich at the Precious Metals Summit, I speak with the CEO of Canagold Resources, Catalin Kilofliski, about their updated high-grade gold deposit boasting an impressive 1.1 million ounces.

New Polaris, a testament to Canagold's commitment to excellence, marks a significant milestone in the company's journey. Kilofliski expresses confidence in the project's potential to redefine industry standards, providing substantial value to shareholders and contributing to Canagold's position as a frontrunner in the gold mining sector.

Kilofliski states:

"The project is located about 60 kilometers inland from Juno, Alaska. So it's a very remote place unfortunately you know; there's really no roads, there's no power, and really, you have no chance of making a project there unless you can afford to pay the high cost. Luckily, the project's boasting one of the highest great gold mines in Western Canada, roughly about 11.6 to 12 grams per ton [of] gold. So that allows us to be able to afford the high cost of operating in such a part of the world. As you mentioned before, there we are forced to generate our own power and were forced to rely very much heavily on air transportation and it can only make that possible if we can have the revenue to pay for it and the project has seen a PA [Preliminary Economic Assessment] in the past, which showed very robust economics.

We are now working as I said on the actual bankable feasibility study which shows good promise so we believe it's going to be a great project and as I mentioned before we take a very different approach when we do the fees in a way that we actually want to build the project and make it profitable."

The New Polaris project aligns with Canagold's strategic vision, leveraging advanced technologies and a skilled team to unlock the full potential of this substantial gold reserve. Kilofliski emphasizes the project's economic viability, highlighting its positive impact on local communities and the broader mining industry.

As Canagold Resources continues to push the boundaries of exploration and resource development, New Polaris stands as a testament to the company's commitment to delivering value to its stakeholders and shaping the future of gold mining.

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