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Gold Stocks Retest Lows

The resulting drawdowns are really trying psychologically, as is the resulting bearishness flaring.  Yet technically both the metal and its miners’ stocks are carving low consolidations, strong bases from which their next bull uplegs can launch.  Historically uplegs usually follow such correction-low retests.

PM Complex Under Seige?

Over the last couple of weeks most of the PM stock indexes have formed a small blue consolidation pattern right around the neckline with most of them breaking out to the downside.

Gold Seeker Issue #50 ~ This Week in Mining: Earnings Season Begins

Gold and silver continue to be rangebound and will likely remain the case until the stimulus bill is announced. Earnings season has started with several companies reporting record quarterly and annual results.

The Gold & Gold Stock Corrections Are Normal

Corrections in Gold and Gold Stocks are completely normal in an inflationary macro market phase

Timing Gold-Stock Trades

Fundamentally-superior gold stocks yield better trading results, with lower risks for losses and bigger gains as this sector powers higher.  And gold-stock traders have to watch gold, as its fortunes drive gold miners’ earnings and stocks.

Goldsource Mines: Exploration Update

Goldsource Mines released the drill results from early 2021 drilling.

Gold Seeker Issue #49 ~ This Week In Mining: After A Wild Week, Things Are Looking Up

A wild week in the silver market comes to an end and the future looks bright with massive stimulus on its way.

Calibre Mining: Low-Cost Organic Growth

Calibre Mining is a junior producer we have been watching closely. It acquired B2Gold’s non-core assets in Nicaragua (2019), transforming the company into what it is today. It is run by a very competent management team, which has executed its hub-and-spoke strategy..

Gold Seeker Issue #48 ~ This Week in Mining: Coming Silver Squeeze?

Will the beautiful chaos happening in heavily shorted mainstream equities bleed over to the metals and mining sector? Time Will Tell

Gold Miners’ Q4’20 Preview

The bottom line is the major gold miners’ upcoming Q4’20 financial and operational results ought to prove spectacular.  Average prevailing gold prices last quarter stayed at their second-highest levels ever despite gold’s healthy correction.  Meanwhile gold production likely continued rebounding after 2020’s lockdown disruptions, which should proportionally lower all-in sustaining costs.  That will make for enormous profits.

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