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Big Gold, Miners Breakouts

The bottom line is gold and gold stocks just enjoyed big upside breakouts.  The proximate driver was Russia-invading-Ukraine fears, but both the metal and miners had well-established young uplegs running for months before Putin..

The Whole HUI and Nothing But the HUI

Keep in mind that the 18 month bullish falling wedge is typical in a bull market. Sometimes they can be smaller or bigger but after a strong impulse you have to expect some type of trading range to form.

Fortitude Gold Announces Year-End 2021 Conference Call

Fortitude Gold is a gold producer, developer, and explorer with operations in Nevada, U.S.A. offering investors exposure to both gold production and dividend yield.

Gold Stocks’ Spring Rally 7

The bottom line is gold stocks often experience a strong spring rally seasonally.  This is driven by gold’s own seasonality, where outsized investment demand arises at certain times during the calendar year.

Gold Stocks & War: Wild Technical Action

Technical stock chart updates on $FNV, $GOAU, $FCX, $SIL, $JNUG and more.

Calibre Increases Nicaraguan Mineral Reserves to in Excess of 1 Million Ounces of Gold

254% increase in Mineral Reserves to 1,013,000 ounces gold; 62% increase in Indicated Mineral Resources to 1,806,000 ounces gold.

As Investors Flock to Safe Havens, Gold Equities May Come out as the Biggest Winners

In fact, gold stocks are about to dethrone oil and gas as the top-performing sector in both the US and Canadian equity markets. Oil is another strategic commodity whose price has soared on rising tensions in Ukraine.

Gold Stocks: Some Profit Booking Is Prudent

Americans are gleefully tossing their virus masks into the garbage can, just when they should consider buying hazmat suits and building bomb shelters.  Alas, such is the irony of life.

Gold Stocks Surge As War Concerns Rise

Technical stock chart updates on $NEM, $GDXJ, $AEM and more!

Gold, Silver and The Mining Stocks Are Poised To Explode Higher

The economy is rapidly deteriorating. The Fed will eventually have to reverse its monetary policy stance or risk a severe financial and economic crisis. This will be jet fuel for the precious metals sector.

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