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With Inflation Raging, Mining Stocks Are Cheap

Bill Powers of Mining Stock Education invited me on to discuss my outlook for gold, silver and the mining stocks, including some of my favorite stocks right now.

This Chart Shows When Gold Stocks Will Explode

An early signal of the relative strength in gold stocks will be GDX breaking out relative to Gold, which may occur before Gold makes a new all-time high. In other words, gold stocks could make new highs before Gold.

Gold Seeker Issue #66 ~ This Week In Mining: Gold Holds Strong as do the Mining Stocks

Gold had another solid week, trading up in the mid-$1890's relative to $1,875/oz, as the close of last week. It has become apparent the summer is upon us as news flow has lessened......

Money Supply Growth + Inflation = Cheap Gold, Silver & Mining Stocks

The mining stocks remain historically undervalued in relation to the money supply and relative to the prices of gold and silver even after the 30% move since early March.

Endeavour Silver: Transitioning To The Next Phase Of Growth

Endeavour Silver completed its turnaround in 2020 relative to just a couple of years ago, increasing production from its operating mines, extending the mine life at its operations, reducing costs, and advancing its flagship asset..............

Gold Seeker Issue #65 ~ This Week In Mining: Metals & Miners Want to Move Higher

Gold and the mining equities had a good week with gold up nicely since the close last Friday and the mining stocks as seen through the XAU. Silver was relatively flat, but both metals want to move higher..........

Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q1’21 Fundamentals

Yet their stock prices remain deeply undervalued, with much room to mean revert dramatically higher to reflect their strong underlying fundamentals.

Calibre Mining Strengthens Management Team With Key Appointments

“Over the past 12 months we have significantly strengthened our in-country management and operating team as we responsibly execute our business strategy..

Gold Seeker Issue #64 ~ This Week in Mining: Inflation finally shows up in the CPI, Earnings Season Continues

Even the second most heavily doctored economic data set can't mask surging consumer price inflation. Earnings season continues to impress, though inflation has started to show itself via input cost pressures.

Gold Miners’ Q1’21 Fundamentals

The gold miners’ just-reported Q1’21 operating and financial results reveal whether their fundamentals support further big gains.

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