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Monday Edition: April 22, 2024

China Is Dumping U.S. Treasuries and Buying Gold

If you are concerned that the U.S. could pull the "dollar rug" out from under you, why not pull out from the dollar system first? This seems to be China’s strategy.

Prepare to Sell in May and Go Away

Bottom line: If MSFT continues to pussyfoot beneath $430 and to fall further from the ‘Hidden Pivot’ with each selloff, investors had better prepare to pack up in May and go away.

Gold SWOT: The Sharp Rise in Gold Prices This Year Could Provide a Nice Bump to Miners’ Earnings

Assuming bullion prices hold through the end of June, the rise in gold prices could provide a nice bump to miner earnings starting in the current quarter.

Fortitude Gold Expands County Line Feeder Drilling 4.57 Meters Grading 4.77 G/T Gold Within 24.38 Meters Grading 1.73 G/T Gold

"This latest drill program confirms and expands upon a high-grade gold feeder zone within the East Pit," stated Mr. Allan Turner, Vice President of Exploration for Fortitude Gold.

Gold & Silver Will Soar When Stocks Crash

Gold has broken out, and Silver is in the process of breaking out just as storm clouds (stagflation) gather on the horizon. Fear of the 2008 Boogeyman is very strong, but if you think precious metals will get hit, you are misreading the situation.

Fortuna to Release First Quarter 2024 Financial Results on May 7, 2024; Conference Call at 12 p.m. Eastern Time on May 8, 2024

The company will release its unaudited financial statements and MD&A for the first quarter on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, after the market closes.

Technical Scoop: Topping Signs, Material Rise, Defensive Energy

Gold rising despite rising long interest rates and a rising US$ Index is interesting, as it appears to indicate a shift in sentiment. Yes, we have the fear trade, but we also have inflation eroding all fiat currencies.

Sunday Edition: April 21, 2024

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Hoye: Positive Outlook for Gold Stocks

Once the GDX outperforms the S&P for a couple of quarters, there will be equity fund managers who will see this, and you will have a new kind of gold buyer. The outlook for gold stocks is very good.

China Is Dumping U.S. Treasuries and Buying Gold

The People’s Bank of China has added gold to its reserves for 16 straight months, adding over 300 tons of gold to its stash since it resumed reporting gold purchases in October 2022. 

Gold Fit to Pull Back a Bit

Silver now leads the year-to-date percentage tracks at +19.6%, followed by Oil +16.7% and then closely by Gold +16.2%.  The S&P’s once-inane gain has now fizzled to just +4.1%.

There Is No Alternative

Risk-adjusted return and the set of investments we pursue can be optimized by blending best-of-class alternatives with a dividend growth equity portfolio.

Friday Edition: April 19, 2024

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Peter Grandich: Gold to $2500 and Beyond

"Gold is signaling a major change on the world monetary platform...and it's probably going to come on the back of the BRICS."

Gold's Remarkable Breakout

Gold’s breakout to many new records wasn’t fueled by normal sources, but mostly from central banks and Chinese investors. This powerful upleg looks far from over.

Gold: Ignore Sell Signals & Buy

We have some sell and overbought signals flashing on the gold and silver stock charts, but these are more like pause signals than sells. 

You Can't Rely On Bank Regulators To Protect Your Cash

Regulators will make any decision in a crisis environment, even unexpected and bizarre ones, which may often benefit their position rather than those whom they are designed to protect.

Americans Throw Away Millions of U.S. Coins Because American Money Is Junk!

The U.S. government and the Federal Reserve have devalued the currency to the point that coins have virtually zero purchasing power.

Is the Gold Price Too High to Buy? The Train Hasn't Left the Station!

Central bankers are slowly coming to the realization that things are in worse shape than they had appreciated. Jerome Powell has admitted that inflation is not yet under control...

No Major US Economic Data Due

It's up here pushing, as you can see, on a closing basis: $2378, not the highest high but a closing basis high. I said that we're in a distribution pattern.

Thursday Edition: April 18, 2024

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Dr. Ron Paul: The Destruction of the Dollar's Value

Dr. Ron Paul discusses the US abandoning the gold standard and the potential for gold to reach $10,000 due to concerns over the dollar's reserve currency status.

Navigating the Complexities of Taxes and Precious Metals in Today's Economy

Mike Maharrey offers an in-depth look at tax day experiences, precious metals markets, and broader economic issues.

Markets Are Biting Their Lips Over Global Chaos

Markets are taking back the rewards they errantly gave under their gas-sniffing high after soft-talking Powell enabled them to believe in a Fed-fantasy March rate cut this year.

New American Dream: “You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy”

The opportunity will exist for nimble entrepreneurs and speculators to do well, even as most people’s standard of living drops. But the big question is: For how long will the societal trend that we’re now on continue going down?

Test in Store for Key Support in Gold

Gold is still up 0.66%, $15.5 for the week. When we look at the daily bar chart, we're in a distribution area again. It still has the pattern of higher lows that have been in place but suddenly you have a high here and a peak here, it has a lower high.


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