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Friday Edition: February 3, 2023

Fed Gold Anomaly Unwinding

The bottom line is 2022’s Fed gold anomaly is unwinding.  Gold didn’t soar last year as inflation raged out of control in its first inflation super-spike since the 1970s thanks to..

GoldSeek Radio -- Axel Merk: Seeing significant new interest in the precious metals sector

With $1 billion under management, Merk investments is reporting significant new interest in the precious metals sector. The US Fed has reached "Peak-Hawkishness" as..

Gold Market Isn't Buying Powell's 'Disinflation' Declaration

Yes, the very same person who had to walk back his ridiculous pronouncements in 2021 and 2022 that inflation was "transitory" now wants us to believe that inflation..

Silver Continues Stuck in Bollinger Bands, Whipsawing Traders

Gold is fighting a battle at the 18 day moving average, without a trend. Bollinger band support at $1,899. If we break $1,975 then...

Thursday Edition: February 2, 2023

US Federal Reserve Sticks To The Script But For How Long?

This long overdue structural reset is one reason that we think inflation could run higher than pre-covid levels for some years to come. But the Fed is limited in its options..

Dollar Break Supporting Gold

"I can't believe he blew this one". When Jay Powell started speaking, he was dovish as could be and the markets soared. He did not convince. Gold overbought, $1985 resistance area coming up..

Wednesday Edition: February 1, 2023

The Tardy Fed and the New Macro

There must be consequences to something as important (to a Keynesian monetary system) as gross distortions born of excess and previously free license to inflate the system at every deflationary turn.

GOLD: ‘The Question Is Not Have You Too Much, but Have You Enough.’

At the moment, cash is king, but that might be short-lived. Merryn Somerset Webb thinks cash holdings, which CNBC reports at near-record levels, might be another ..

Gold Prices For Action: $1880 and $1808

When Indian demand dries up, it’s almost always a good time for Western mining stock investors to book some juicy profits.

Impact of FOMC Meeting on Dollar is Key

Gold is flat and in a resistance zone and having trouble when it tries to get above..

Tuesday Edition: January 31, 2023

The Busy Week Ahead

While there will be all sorts of economic and geopolitical headlines in the days ahead, two events that will drive precious metals stand out.

After Sharp Rise in November, BIS Gold Swaps Ended the Year at Zero

The reduction in swaps more recently has been linked to the requirements of Basel III for more capital to be held in support of these transactions. 

Emergent Metals Hits Visible Gold in Initial Drill Holes at Its Trecesson Property, Quebec

Emergent Metals Corp. is pleased to announce it has hit visible gold in two of five initial drill holes completed..

Get Ready for FOMC Meeting Wednesday

Host of economic data coming out this week including CB meetings, folks it's wild! Gold correcting from an obvious resistance area - a stall!

Monday Edition: January 30, 2023

Technical Scoop: Bear rally, hike likely, pause possible, recession indicators, Dollar history, stock divergence, energy wobble

The stock market rally continues. However, we warn this is a bear market rally even as we could return to the 2022 high. Big week ahead with the FOMC and ECB rate hikes along with..

Ready for Your Dollars to Be Canceled?

With the ongoing financial turmoil and the potential start of another world war, gold is behaving as we would expect, showing exceptional strength.

Orderly Markets vs. Chaos

Inflation and intervention in the markets by government and the Federal Reserve have led us to a continual state of volatility and vulnerability...

Gold SWOT: Endeavour Mining Stock Is Doing Well

Continued blackouts in South Africa threaten the industry’s viability to operate. South Africa mines about 70% of the world's platinum and 40% of all palladium production.

Aztec to Resume Drilling at the Tombstone Gold-Silver District in Southeastern Arizona

The planned 2,500m core drilling program is expected to be a continuation of the prior, very successful, 2020-21 Reverse Circulation drill programs, and will be focused..

FOMC Meeting Will Play a Key Role in Gold Move This Week

Inflation is not falling, it is slipping. Rate hikes are coming to an end. Gold weekly chart is a few weeks from a bullish crossover ...

Sunday Edition: January 29, 2023

GoldSeek Radio - Steve Rocco: Gold and silver are energy values, 2023 to be a pivotal year..

Watch the energy sector. Diesel energy is the lifeblood of the economy. China's wind & solar export industry. Gold's cost of production is $1,550 and silver: $20.


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