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Friday Edition: February 23, 2024

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Aaron Brickman: Silver's Moment of Decision

Brickman reviews the technical patterns in the gold and silver markets and gives his expectations for the metals.

Gold Futures Reloaded

The coming gold-futures buying alone will push gold much higher. The euphoric AI stock-market bubble should soon roll over, which should also boost gold investment demand.

Gold Stocks: Bullish But No Buy Signal Yet

We make plays on NUGT, DUST, JNUG, UCO, and other key leveraged ETFs, as well as some individual stocks. Tight stop losses on every trade keep drawdowns in check.  

Market Takes it Moonshot, Scores Biggest Landing Ever!

With a record rise that amazing, this white-hot AI-driven ride makes the flaming melt-up for the dot-com bust during the internet-launching days of the early 2000s look like a mere bottle rocket.

Bad Commercial Real Estate Loans Put Strain on Banking System

The dollar amount of bad commercial real estate loans has ballooned beyond the loss reserves held by big banks to cover them as more and more borrowers struggle to keep up with payments.

The PCE Report: A Rocket Launch For Gold

On this weekly line chart, gold is consolidating what appears to be a major breakout from a broadening formation. The top of the formation is the key $2000 price zone, making this breakout a very significant event.

Is a Weak Yen Feeding the Global Gold Bull?

Japan is an interesting case because of sustained ultra-loose policy even as other countries, like the US, have more recently undergone rate hikes to prevent runaway inflation.

Gold Still Looks to be Under Selling Pressure

When you're over an 18-week average and you come back often, the market will stall there figuring out what the next move is. When we look at the daily bar chart today, you had an outside day to the downside.

Thursday Edition: February 22, 2024

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Lynette Zang: "Think Locally And Prepare Globally"

Zang champions gold and silver as monetary assets, emphasizing their roles in wealth preservation and diversification of traditional investments to hedge against currency devaluation.

U.S. Hit With Greater Trouble Auctioning its Debt

An upsurge in Treasury issuances when the Fed is no longer the buyer of first resort struggled to find enough buyers in what became the worst 20YR Treasury auction on recent record.

Wisconsin House Votes Overwhelmingly to End Sales Tax on Precious Metals Bullion

AB 29 would exempt “precious metals bullion,” defined as coins, bars, rounds, and sheets that contain at least 35% gold, silver, copper, platinum, or palladium.

The Deeper Dive: Insightful People Speak on How it All Falls Apart

Here is a summary view from the Thoughtful Money podcast about where the market, economy, and society are headed this year from different perspectives.

The Federal Reserve Enables and Grows Big Government

Mike emphasizes that Federal Reserve monetary policy levies an inflation tax on all of us and wraps up with a call to action to buy gold and/or silver to help protect yourself from this tax.

Fortitude Gold Drills 1.52 Meters Grading 32.00 G/T Gold Within 18.29 Meters Grading 4.28 G/T Gold at East Camp Douglas North

"Over eighteen meters, or sixty feet, of 4.28 grams per tonne is an impressive width of very high-grade gold," stated Mr. Jason Reid, CEO and President of Fortitude Gold.

Keep Your Eye on EIA Petroleum Stock

You're looking at the $2027-2023 area and if you get over that high, you're no longer in the downtrend. Here's your battleground; the pros are probably selling against this $2039 level that we've talked about.

Wednesday Edition: February 21, 2024

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - David Haggith: The Fed's Rates and Implications for Gold

With concerns about inflation and a potential economic downturn, gold could see increased demand as a safe-haven asset, especially if the Fed shifts from tightening to cutting rates.

It's All Falling Apart so Quickly I Can't Keep up!

Bill Dudley says the central bank may have to tighten more, and one of the nation’s longtime central bankers admits the Fed may have to tighten, not just longer but HIGHER.

Another Inflation Signal: Producer Prices Unexpectedly Spike

It was a steeper increase than the projected 0.2 percent. More alarming is the fact that consumer prices have gone up over half a percent (0.6 percent) in just two months.

Fortitude Gold Announces 2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

The company will hold its annual meeting of shareholders in person at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST) on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at the Colorado Springs Marriott.

FOMC Minutes and NVIDIA Earnings After Market Close

The swing light is still down, with lower highs and lower lows, and lo and behold $2039.70 – the 18-day average. So, what I was looking for happened.

Tuesday Edition: February 20, 2024

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Craig Hemke: Gold & Silver Resilience

Hemke expresses optimism about gold and silver prices, citing their resilience despite recent fluctuations, dismissing extreme downward forecasts, and highlighting the role of hedge funds and bullion banks.

Gold SWOT: Palladium and Silver Are Doing Well

Bloomberg reported U.S. January retail sales and weekly jobs claims came in softer-than-expected and gold got a nice lift at the end of the week, but not enough to flip in a positive rise in price like the other precious metals.

It's All Coming Together by All Falling Apart

Sorry, pivots only happen in policy not in whispers about remote hypothetical possibilities months into the future, so NO PIVOT. Nada one. Not even a slow curve in the general direction.

What Will It Take for Metals to Break Higher?

Speculators won’t go long and commit to a position there until silver breaks above $30 and gold pushes through, and holds, above $2100.

Chinese Wholesale Gold Demand Sets January Record

Due to strong demand coupled with a stable gold price, assets under management by Chinese-based gold ETFs rose by $113 million to $4 billion in January. An all-time high.

The Coming Crash of Bigness

Where the rot is probably greatest, but more veiled for the moment, is in the operations of organized capital, the banks and money systems, including financial markets.

Technical Scoop: Vibrant Inflation, Rising Oil, Possible Turn

Gold fell then bounced back and silver leaped. Gold needs to take out $2,050, $2,060, $2,080, and $2,100 to convince us we are moving higher.

Copper, This Dog Will Hunt

Historically, when the copper-gold ratio and the 10-year yield diverge, the 10-year tends to follow the ratio. For example in the third quarter of 2022, yields moved higher while the copper-gold ratio moved lower.

Gold Stocks: The Charts Are Impressive

I am close to getting a major SGS system buy signal for the precious metals sector and charts like Barrick are definitely impressive! We will be significant buyers of the miners if we get the signal.  


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