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Non-Farm Payrolls Data Out Should be Market Mover

So when we look at the gold market, I know it doesn't feel like it doesn't to me. Yet the market's up 2% for the week. When we take a look at the charts, if you take away the past 48 hours of trade right here, this is what you were looking like now. If you start getting over these highs (and I mentioned this yesterday in this video) you end the decline phase...

...and I'll show you that in a minute and the market got up and this is where you're at and why I say that is now you've broken the pattern where you had lower highs and lower lows by coming up as we did today through these highs.

You've negated that. So I say that this wave to the downside ended; it doesn't mean another one can't start but that one's over. Not a question is: Where are you? Well, when you look at moving averages you close back over the 18-day average which automatically tells me the bias is up and now the market is saying, the battleground could be $2390. 

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